Pasión de Gavilanes mode: the granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez flew the net in a tight catsuit

Galilea Lopez Morillo Lately, she has been very close to her mother, Liliana Rodríguez. It is that all the events where the daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ RodríguezHer granddaughter is also invited because of the artistic trajectory of both and above all because of the importance of both celebrities.

Some days ago, liliana Y Galilee attended the presentation of Somos La Revista USA, held at The Corner Club. As a guest was the host of ‘Sit whoever can’, Julián Gil, who was chosen as the cover of the magazine and as “the most handsome of the year” within its list of the 30 most attractive celebrities.

liliana she took pictures with him, who worked with her before she resigned, but not with the reporters who continue as panelists on “Sit whoever can.” Rodríguez assures that he rejected the “injustice” committed against her by declaring himself the winner of one of her challenges to Alejandra Jaramillo, with whom he allegedly maintains a rivalry.

Galilea López Morillo posed for her mother’s photo session. Source: Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

In the last hours, Galilee He shared a video with the following text: “Hello my friends! Happy Monday, this last week has been packed with many events and yesterday we ended it with a photo shoot of mom for her new project. It was so cool, I can’t wait to show you the final edits of everything! I wish you all a glorious week ahead!!”

The granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez posed with a tight black catsuit accompanied by boots and a hat of the same color in the perfect style of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’. She also accompanied her with a jean jacket, to give it a modern touch. “Mamasitaaaaa” and “the queen in action!!!” were some of the messages she received. At the moment, there are no more details about “the new project” of liliana rodriguez.