Paso Adelante, announced the revival of the TV series

An announcement that certainly did not go unnoticed. A few hours ago Monica Cruz and Beatriz Luengo announced the return of the Spanish series which at the beginning of the third millennium conquered the Italian public.

Paso Adelante, the return of the series

Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Pablo Puyol, Silvia Marty, Monica Cruz and Beatriz Luengo are the five main actors who have kept the audience company over the course of six seasons, consisting of a total of eighty-four episodes.

Paso Adelante (PHOTO) made its debut on the small screen of the Bel Paese in September 2004 and then established itself as a real media phenomenon. Episode after episode, the young students of the most prestigious dance and acting school in Madrid led by Carmen Arranz broke into the hearts of the audience, with them also the other iconic characters, including those played by Beatriz Rico, Natalia Millán, Alfonso Lara And Victor Mosqueira.

A few hours ago Beatriz Luengo and Monica Cruz stunned audiences by announcing the return of the series. First, the interpreter of Lola Fernández shared a video stating: “It’s official! Upa comes back again ”.

The video immediately attracted so much attention that it counted at the moment over half a million views on Instagram.

On the same wavelength Monica Cruz who announced: “I was looking forward to sharing this great news with you all! It’s finally official and I couldn’t be happier !! We return”.