Patricia Maldonado criticized Cecilia Bolocco without mincing words and sent her this simple advice

The controversy surrounding the sayings of Cecilia Bolocco on being overweight continues to rise. After affirming that “being fat is fashionable” on her Instagram live, many have criticized the statements of the former Miss Universe. Now the presenter patty maldonado has lashed out at Bolocco in a recent episode of As it is, where he also shared a shocking personal story.

According to patty maldonado, Bolocco’s comments about fatness are inappropriate, and there is a story behind every person who suffers from obesity. Maldonado also shared a personal story about a woman she had known in the past. “He told me ‘I was thin’, what happened to you I tell him and he tells me ‘my two daughters were killed in a plane crash'”Maldonado recalled.

Maldonado went on to explain that being fat isn’t always just a matter of overeating. “In my case it was insecurity”he explained.

“I was regal, I hadn’t gained a single gram during the pandemic. At the end of 2021 I said ‘what’s going to happen, between the assault in Chile, between the pandemic, we can’t go out, there’s no work’ and I started eating chocolate and gain weight, of course there is a problem”.

Finally, Maldonado advised Bolocco to be careful with his language in the future. “I have nothing against her, please, but I think that a woman of those years, if she has already made the mistake before, then be careful with her language”said.