Patrick Zaki at Che tempo che fa: “Thinking about peace and hostages”

Fabio Fazio’s guest student after the controversy over his posts

“We all have to think about peace and how to bring the hostages back.” Patrick Zaki, guest of Fabio Fazio this evening in the living room of Che tempo che fa sul Nove, expresses himself thus on the situation in the Middle East while Israel prepares the offensive on the Gaza Strip after the Hamas attack on October 7th. Zaki, guest of the second episode of Fazio’s program, was supposed to appear in the broadcast last Sunday: the appointment was postponed while controversy hit the Egyptian student, author of some posts on social media, with accusations in particular against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . “We must all work for peace and find a political solution. Even the United Nations and the Pope spoke about the humanitarian crisis. The problems facing all civilians and hostages are the same”, says Zaki today.

“Violence produces violence and with peace there must be justice. We must not take into account everything that has happened in recent years, now we should only pay attention to a political solution. There are people who die and therefore that is why our thoughts must go to peace. We must ask leaders to do their utmost for peace and for civilians”, he adds.

“What I want is for the EU to be able to manage various positions in this conflict, we need to help humanitarian aid and today we are talking about 2 million people who have no water, electricity and basic things”, underlines Zaki.