Patrick Zaki is free

The Egyptian student from the University of Bologna was released from Mansoura prison

Patrick Zaki is free. The Egyptian student from the University of Bologna arrested on February 7, 2020, was released from Mansoura prison, following the judge’s decision to release him and adjourn the hearing to next February 1. The announcement was made on Twitter by the NGO Eipr for which Patrick worked, posting a photo of the young man out of prison.

“All right, go Bologna” are the first words pronounced in Italian by Patrick Zaki, who makes the sign of victory, according to what can be seen in a video of

“A hug that is worth more than words. Welcome back Patrick!” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Facebook.

“I am proud of his resistance and his courage and incredibly amazed because Patrick Zaki has never failed to think about Italy, to take care of other prisoners, he is a model of rights defender that we all admire” Riccardo Noury ​​told Adnkronos. , spokesperson for Amnesty International. “The images that come from Egypt, of smiles and hugs that we have been waiting for for 22 months are filling us with enormous emotion. He has regained his freedom, albeit temporarily, we hope it will become permanent” added Noury.

The hardest moment was “certainly the period in which, due to the pandemic, not only were visits suspended but for him there was an enormous risk of contracting the virus, given that he is asthmatic. And even those 70 days between one ‘hearing and the other of the trial. Even the hearing on Monday coming to 70 days from the postponement and it seemed that they would never end “. The two have not yet spoken. “No, for now we leave him alone, Patrick must recover – said Noury ​​- in the next few days, even indirectly, we will see. Now it is important that he rest”.