Patrizia Rossetti betrayed by her ex-husband: ‘shock’ revelation, do you know who he is?

Patrizia Rossetti said she was betrayed by her ex-husband: shocking revelation, but do you know who he is? What is his name and where he works.

That just passed was a very busy week for the competitors of the GF Vip. Having become part of the most spied on house in Italy during the first two live shows, the Vipponis have begun to probe the territory a little, to tell each other and get to know each other.

Who is the ex-husband. Credits: Mediaset Play

Many stories were told by the competitors of the GF Vip in the first days of living together to get to know each other better. And just as different are those that immediately captured the attention. Not only, therefore, the story of what happened between Ginevra Lamborghini and her sister Elettra, which is still a ‘mystery’ today, but also that of Patrizia Rossetti about the end of his marriage.

Married in 2012, the beloved presenter revealed to her traveling companions that she had closed her marriage after three betrayals by her ex-husband. I caught them in the act I swear. I surprised him and found him with her “, Patrizia Rossetti told the other tenants of the house. Are you curious, though, to know who he is?

Do you know who is the ex-husband of Patrizia Rossetti?

As soon as she arrived in the house of GF Vip, she made herself known for a rather ‘intimate’ confession, but immediately she let herself go to a rather ‘shock’ story about the end of her love story. Patrizia Rossetti she is married to his ex-husband in 2012, even if they had been together since 2009, but she separated from him in 2019. The straw that broke the camel’s back – according to what was told by the person concerned in front of the spotlight – would have been three betrayals. I forgave him twice, the third is enough, the wolf loses its fur but not its vice “, has explained.

Having met in 2006 during a telepromotion, during which the man proposed to be together with his dog, Patrizia Rossetti began a splendid love story that culminated in marriage a few years later. And, unfortunately, in the separation after 13 years.

Are you curious to know who is Patrizia Rossetti’s ex-husband? He is called Rudy Landoni. And – like her – he too belongs to the world of entertainment. Unlike that of the presenter, however, his work takes place behind the cameras. The good Landoni, in fact, is a TV technician and cameramen of a certain caliber. And it is precisely inside a television studio that, as we said a little while ago, the two met and fell in love.

After Patrizia Rossetti’s ‘shock’ revelation, Rudy did not intervene. He who knows if Alfonso Signorini will give him the opportunity to intervene at the GF VIP.

And the alleged mistress?

If Patrizia Rossetti’s husband has a name and surname, his mistress has it too, but they have not been revealed at all. To her traveling companions, in fact, Patrizia Rossetti not only told of having caught both red-handed, but also of knowing the woman with whom her ex-husband had an extramarital affair. “He had known her for 30 years, but she wasn’t my friend”, he explained to the other tenants of the house.

As we said, therefore, Patrizia Rossetti did not reveal the woman’s identity at all, but she clearly revealed to her companions that she is a woman who works for Mediaset, but who does not do a job in front of the cameras.

patrizia rossetti ex husband
Patrizia Rossetti. Credits: Instagram

What do you think will become of Patrizia Rossetti inside the house? From what we have been able to see in these days, the presenter has all the credentials to create a path to scream. What do you think about it?