Patronage: “Misdirection of Borsellino disturbing mystery”

“I don’t know what the motive for the massacre in Via D’Amelio was, or rather, if there were several converging motives. Borsellino was certainly a proud and dangerous enemy of Cosa Nostra and his investigative qualities, as well as the information in in his possession, were well known to the mafiosi. It cannot be ruled out a priori that his investigative intuitions could damage that part of national business and finance that colluded with the mafia”. Thus, to Adnkronos, the Attorney General of Cagliari, Luigi Patronaggio, who today was heard by the National Anti-Mafia Commission. “The clear misdirections on the Via D’Amelio massacre also open up unresolved and equally serious questions: first of all for the benefit of whom such misdirections were carried out. It remains a disturbing mystery for the democratic life of this country to establish for whom and for what reasons they “amphibious” men such as Prefect La Barbera (half policeman and half secret agent) and the unknown persons responsible for the disappearance of the red agenda acted”, he adds.

On the missing red diary he says: “I honestly don’t know what happened to it. Instead, I confirm that Borsellino’s office was sealed immediately after the massacre and that his colleagues in Caltanissetta carried out an inventory. If among those papers there are It was indeed the red agenda, however I ignore it.” And he adds: “Any initiative aimed at restoring the truth to this country is desirable, indeed necessary, the important thing is that this research takes place with a secular, critical spirit, without political or ideological prejudices”.

“With regard to the relationships between the Gardini/Ferruzzi group and Cosa Nostra, the link between Lorenzo Panzavolta and Buscemi Antonino of the Palermo-Bocca di Falco mafia family has been known, at least since 1997. It also appears to me that an investigative lead, dating back to time and yet never judicially verified, indicated how a part of the Enimont maxi bribe had flowed to the Andreotti current through Salvo Lima”, Patronaggio then says. And he concludes: “”Although I have not dealt with it personally, it is finally known, at least at an investigative level, the economic interest of the Buscemis in the quarrying sector in Sicily and Massa Carrara, some of the latter already belonging to the Ferruzzi group”. (by Elvira Terranova )