Patti Smith in concert (free) in Gorizia: what you need to know

Last September 2nd, Gorizia it was the location of a splendid concert by the Editors. Now, the city is preparing to welcome another big name in international music: Patti Smith. An event that celebrates music, but which will also be a testing ground for the events of Go! 2025.

What to know about Patti Smith’s concert in Gorizia

Patti Smith, world-famous artist, will perform a unique concert next Thursday 5 October at the suggestive square of the Red Housea place of great historical significance, now a symbol of the union and collaboration between the two neighboring cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica.

Patti Smith, a leading figure in the world of art, is a singer, songwriter, recording and visual artist. She has received four Grammy and Golden Globe nominations, accumulating numerous awards throughout her career.

Before Patti Smith’s concert, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of two talented bands: the Imset of Domžale (YES) and the Overlaps of Pordenone (IT).

The gates will open at 5.30pm, while the concerts will start at 6.00pm.

The event is promoted by the EGTC GO in collaboration with the Municipality of Gorizia and Zenit Srl, and will be one of the highlights of the preparations for GO! 2025.

Patti Smith’s tour in Italy

In Gorizia, Patti Smith arrives after the concert on October 4th in Parma. But there are many places that his A tour of Italian days it will be up to follow. From the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona to Pescara, Savoia di Campobasso, Bari, Matera, Schio, Bologna and Venice, here are the various stages:

  • Tuesday 28 November – Ancona, Teatro delle Muse
  • Friday 1 December – Campobasso, Teatro Savoia
  • Monday 4 December – Bari, Petruzzelli Opera House
  • Thursday 5 December – Matera, Auditorium Gervasio
  • Friday 8 December – Schio, Civic Theatre
  • Tuesday 12 December – Bologna, Teatro Duse
  • Thursday 14 December – Venice, Teatro Malibran