Patty Pravo: “Never have cosmetic surgery, just a few pinpricks”

I’ve never done anything to myselfI’m like this now and it shows, right? Nothing at all, just a few little injections.” Patty Pravo, 75 years old, guest of the second episode of Beasts, gave Francesca Fagnani an interview in which he looked back on an entire life. However, it seems that in years of excesses and excesses she has found no space cosmetic surgery: “If I had to do it again I would get a nice facelift, but it takes time and I don’t have time. We’ll put it off.”


Nicoletta Strambelli, the former Piper girl who had chosen “Patty” for her stage name out of fashion and “Pravo” out of fascination with Dante’s damned souls, declared that she felt an affinity with beasts like cats, who “are independent and purr at you”. The interpreter has racked up over fifty years of career, born with the success arrived in the Sixties when she was still very young: “Did I know how to handle it or was I overwhelmed by it? Travolta didn’t, but dad gave me the age of majority at sixteen, I knew absolutely nothing about all this. I dedicated myself and let others do, manage the money. What if they screwed me? Of course, and not just them.” Now Pravo has shared an awareness: “Am I an Italian erotic pop icon? I have been a free woman, I have sung forward pieces like Wonderful thought, Crazy ideathey say I’m a diva.”


Patty Pravo’s life did not even lack the fullness of many extraordinary loves crowned with six marriages, including three at the same time and one invalid because it was celebrated with a Celtic rite. Among the singer’s most significant relationships are those with the drummer Gordon Angus Faggetterthe decorator Franco Baldierithe guitarist Paul Jefferythe bass player Paul Martinezthe guitarist John Edward Johnson and Riccardo Fogli. Today relationships are good “with almost everyone”, but “I don’t have husbands, I’ve never thought about ‘forever'”.


Pravo also revealed some details about the relationship with drugs. “I’ve tried them all. But who does this job without amphetamine? You stay awake, you work so much that sometimes you don’t sleep at all, you have a lot of vitality.” According to the singer, other people “don’t say it”, and she didn’t just refer to the Seventies, but “in general”. Arrested in the early 1990s for drug consumption, Pravo also recounted her brief prison experience: “I met a reality and wonderful people. I had a prisoner as a neighbor who made me coffee in the morning. I was in prison for three days. prison, they let me out and in the open space I started sunbathing, I chatted with all the inmates. When I left we all sang together Sad Boy“. The artist finally denied his friend Ornella Vanoni who defined his stories about exotic and fabulous trips as “stupendous nonsense”. “Ornellì says these things because he enjoys himself”, replied Pravo. “You say I didn’t do the transoceanic journey? Of course it’s true, why would I say something like that?”.