Patty Pravo tells Belve about herself: “Drugs? But who does this job without amphetamine?”

The guest artist of the second episode, broadcast today 3 October 2023 in prime time on Rai2

Patty Pravo guest of the second episode of Belve, broadcast today 3 October 2023 in prime time on Rai2. The artist talks about himself to Francesca Fagnani and also talks about his loves, so many that when Fagnani jokingly asks for the list of her husbands she also struggles to put it together. After five marriages, Fagnani asks if Patty Pravo has remained on good terms with all the staff. The singer responds amused: “Well, almost with everyone.”

When talking about drugs, the presenter asks if the artist has tried them all, and the answer is clear: “Sure, but who does this job without amphetamine?”. Are they more shy to say it? “It’s not because they’re shy, they just don’t say it.” At that point Fagnani insists: is he talking about the 70s or even today? And Patty Pravo replies: “In general”. And when the presenter asks about the effects, the singer explains: “Stay awake: you work so much that sometimes you don’t sleep at all, you have a lot of vitality.”

Patty Pravo also talks about the beginnings of her success, which came at a very young age. When Fagnani asks if she knew how to handle it or was overwhelmed by it, the singer reveals: “Not overwhelmed, but dad gave me the age of majority at 16, I knew absolutely nothing about all this; I dedicated myself and let others do it.” Fagnani asks: who managed the money? And Pravo confirms: “Exactly”. The presenter continues: did they even cheat her a little? The singer’s response is clear: “Of course, and not just them.”