Patuano (A2A): ‘From waste 20% of the biomethane we import from abroad’

“We are inaugurating a new plant in Cavaglià, important because it closes an important chain of the circular economy which is that of municipal solid waste. The importance of closing the circle is often underestimated, and in our case, closing the circle means producing biomethane. We have carried out a study at national level: from waste we could produce 20% of what we import from abroad, or almost 5 billion cubic meters of biomethane “. Thus the president of A2A Marco Patuano, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new plant for the treatment of the organic fraction of urban waste in the Polo di Cavaglià, in the province of Biella.

“We have made an important investment, made possible by dialogue with the community: today – he adds – this is the concrete demonstration that things can and must be done in Italy”.

“A2A met the community of Piedmontese stakeholders again this year. We have an important presence in the Piedmont provinces, not only in Biella but also in Turin and Asti. It is important, when planning activities, to have a dialogue with the territory , because our activities affect people’s lives and not only the economic but also the social reality of the territories. Today’s result was very interesting, Piedmont proves to be very sensitive to both industrial and educational issues, that is how to explain to people, whether they are the new generations or citizens, the importance of behaviors, which in the end represent a large part of what is the final result “, he concludes.