Pax mafiosa, prosecutor asks for a sentence of 12 and a half years for a lawyer and 20 for Casamonica

The magistrates of the DDA of Rome contest the external competition in the mafia association for the clan exponent and for the criminal lawyer Angelo Staniscia, ‘conduct of undoubted gravity’

Sentencing the lawyer Angelo Staniscia to 12 and a half years and Salvatore Casamonica to 20 years in prison. These are the requests of the prosecutors of the DDA of Rome Giovanni Musaro ‘and Mario Palazzi at the end of the indictment in the trial born from the investigation into the Mafia’ pax ‘in Ostia. The accusations for Casamonica, a senior member of the clan already detained at 41 bis, and for Staniscia are of external concurrence in a mafia association. The two deputy prosecutors, for the lawyer Staniscia, also solicited the perpetual ban from public offices.

At the center of the investigation of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, coordinated by the deputy prosecutors Michele Prestipino and Ilaria Calo ‘, which had led to the arrest of Lucia Gargano, collaborator of the lawyer Staniscia, of Salvatore Casamonica and then to the registration in the register of investigated by Staniscia himself, the ‘pax mafia’ developed in December 2017 in a restaurant in Grottaferrata, near Rome. A ‘summit’ attended by Salvatore Casamonica, Fabrizio Piscitelli, alias ‘Diabolik’, the ultra leader killed on 7 August 2019 at the Parco degli Acquedotti, and the lawyer Gargano with the aim of signing the pax da tra gli Spada, family hegemon of Ostia, and the criminal group headed by Marco Esposito, called ‘Poodle’. The lawyer Gargano, who chose to be judged with the abbreviated rite, was sentenced by the Rome gup to 6 years and 8 months on 4 June 2021 for external competition in the mafia association.

“Without this ‘pax’ the Spada would have ended – said the prosecutor Musarò in the classroom – it was a very delicate moment for the Ostia clan”. Regarding the lawyer Staniscia, the defender of Roberto Spada among others who ended up in prison for the head of the journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, the prosecutor underlined how “his conduct was of undoubted gravity. Staniscia and Piscitelli met near the office to talk about the events in Ostia and after that meeting the lawyer went to Rebibbia to have an interview with Ottavio Spada “he added.