Paycheck, increases from January 2022: here’s who will have the most money

How the payslip of workers will change

Heavier paycheck from January 2022 for many employees who will find more money on the slip “the result of a government intervention on the Budget maneuver that will reduce one of the fixed deductions, that of social security contributions. The employee will pay less contributions but the cut will not it will have no repercussions tomorrow on the pension: the part that the worker saves is put by the state “recalls La Legge per Tutti.

“The budget law, therefore, will make it possible to earn a little more for a year. The intervention envisaged in the Government amendment and addressed to public and private employees will be operational from the paycheck of January 2022 until that of December 2022 – explains The Law for All – Specifically, it consists of a 0.8% cut in the deductions as a social security contribution (in practice, those that are paid to INPS for retirement). The state will make that difference so that the employee is not penalized by the cut tomorrow. “

The beneficiaries are “public and private workers, provided that they do not have an income from employment exceeding 35 thousand euros, that is, a taxable salary, on a monthly basis for 13 months, equal to or less than 2,692 euros. Domestic collaborators are excluded from the subsidy, while the cut in contributions should be valid for parasubordinates, that is to say for those who have a of ‘third kind’. Just to give an example, those who earn an average of about 20 thousand euros each year will have a saving on contributions of around 135 euros per year. We are therefore talking about 10 euros per month, taking into account the thirteenth “.

The cut in payroll contributions “is added to the hypothetical savings on personal income tax due to the tax reform and the reduction in the rates from five to four. If the contribution discount starts with the January slip, it will be in March 2022 that there will be a first signal of when one’s salary is taxed and it will be possible to verify whether taxes and contributions really make the salary higher. A first signal, therefore, but not the definitive one: that paycheck, in fact, will contain an adjustment to cover the effects of the new personal income tax for the months of January and February 2022. From April onwards, therefore, the data will be more concrete “.

The Law for All reminds us that the reform provides that the no tax area is set within these limits:

for employees: € 8,174;

for self-employed workers: € 5,550 (€ 700 more than before);

for pensioners: 8500 euros (326 euros more than before).

And that the four new rates are:

23% for incomes up to 15 thousand euros;

25% for incomes up to 28 thousand euros;

35% for incomes up to 50 thousand euros;

43% for incomes exceeding 50 thousand euros.