Pd between congress and square, candidacies from Schlein to Nardella awaited

Left area skeptical Amendola probe. Mayor Florence and Ricci initiatives at the weekend

The double track. That of the congress and that of the opposition. Even today Enrico Letta in the Management tried to keep the two dem challenges together. There was the official presentation of the countermaneuver, the document at the basis of a mobilization which will culminate with the demonstration on 17 December. In Santi Apostoli, in all probability. The Management was then called to vote on the Constituent Committee for the new Pd: a ‘monstrum’ body with 87 members that reaches almost a hundred with the various personalities – from presidents of regions to mayors of metropolitan cities – who will participate in the process as invited. In short, roughly double the 2007 committee of 45, that of Romano Prodi, promoter of the Democratic Party.

THE COMMITTEE OF 87 AND THE RETURN OF ART.1 – The Constituent Committee, meanwhile, plastically marks the return ‘home’ of Article 1. Roberto Speranza will be the guarantor of the process with Letta and the secretary explains it as follows: “With Article 1 we want to build a common work. This applies to all those who will decide to join, this applies to Demos and the Democratic Center”. As for the members of the Committee, which among other things will draw up the Manifesto of values ​​of the new Pd, they are one third ‘external’, one third representatives of the territories and one third parliamentarians. These are the numbers: 46 internal and 41 external and of these 44 women and 43 men. Among the external writers Maurizio De Giovanni and Viola Ardone, the sociologists Mauro Magatti and Chiara Saraceno, the ex-minister Enrico Giovannini.

PD ATTACKS GOVERNMENT, INADEQUATE MANEUVER – So the activity of the opposition and the budget law in the crosshairs. The secretary explains why: “Someone criticized us for being excessively critical of the budget law because basically they could have done worse. It’s a non-argument. We are at a crucial moment, we rarely find ourselves in the life of a country so poised against the possibility of a recession. And that’s why it’s absolutely necessary that there are the right choices and that these choices are also ambitious. That’s why it’s an inadequate manoeuvre”. What are the ‘right choices’ for the Democratic Party are collected in the counter-maneuver presented in the Directorate where the Rdc was also discussed. For the head of the dem economy, Antonio Misiani, that of the government is “an irresponsible choice in a country that is heading towards an increase in unemployment and poverty”.

Constituent committee approved, nominations are now awaited at the congress. Even if the dead line is very far away, at the end of January. But the formalization of Stefano Bonaccini’s candidacy has triggered the march and over the weekend there could be two other names on the track, in addition to that of the president of Emilia Romagna and Paola De Micheli: Matteo Ricci and Dario Nardella. While Elly Schlein continues to be still virtually in the game since she has not yet implemented the candidacy, the precondition for which will be to enroll in the dem constituent path since she is not a member of the party.

MAYOR CANDIDATES? – On Saturday, the mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, will hold a press conference in Rome at the Pd San Giovanni club as part of his tour around Italy. And that could be the occasion to formalize the candidacy. On Sunday, again in Rome, the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella organized an event attended by many administrators including Michele Emiliano and Matteo Lepore. Will it be the stage for the candidacy? The person concerned reiterates no: “It will be about ideas, not about candidatures, self-nominations or multiple candidatures”.

ATTEMPTING AMENDING IT – The left area Pd does not yet have its own candidate. Elly Schlein is not fully convinced, hence the search for a name if Andrea Orlando does not come forward in person. Last suggestion that of Enzo Amendola. According to various dem sources, the dem left together with Goffredo Bettini would be pursuing an attempt on the ex-minister. But the whole thing is very nuanced. Starting from the availability of Amendola himself to apply. Contingency given as unlikely by those who know him. Interviewed by Adnkronos, Amendola with the proverbial courteous reserve that characterizes him explained that he did not want to intervene on the rumors concerning him.