Pd, Boccia: “Borghi to Iv? Disappointed, I asked him to leave Copasir”

“Embittered on a personal level. I honestly don’t see the reasons that motivate his choice, neither in merit nor in the method”

“I am embittered on a personal level and disappointed on a political level. I learned of Enrico Borghi’s decision by reading the first press review tonight”. Thus the president of the senators of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia.

“It seems to me that the best comment was made by the leadership group of the Democratic Party in its area. Personally I think that we are not in Parliament to represent only ourselves. And I honestly do not see the reasons that motivate your choice, neither on the merits nor on the method. We discuss, we discuss, there are different sensitivities, but the Democratic Party is a large community. As with all the senators in the group, I had a personal conversation with him, to discuss his work in Copasir and to understand which other commitments there might be for him”.

“Obviously today I spoke to him and formally asked him to leave Copasir, because in bodies like that – he explains – one represents a party and not in a personal capacity”.