Pd, Boccia elected group leader in the Senate. Braga in the House

The two names were advanced by Elly Schlein. Boccia: “The party will have as its point of reference listening to the streets, the protests, the thousand places of work, the country. Today it is on the margins in the choices that count and it is on the margins on the relevant issues. For these reasons we are starting a project profound that will bring results in the classrooms in the next few days”. Meanwhile, the new leader of the Democratic Party continues to think about the secretariat, which should see the light early next week

For the Pd it is the day of the election of the new group leaders of the Chamber and Senate. At Palazzo Madama, during the dem assembly, on the proposal of the secretary Elly Schelin, Francesco Boccia was elected by acclamation. For Montecitorio, however, Chiara Braga was elected, again by acclamation.

Boccia: “United election is a good sign”

“This election makes me very responsible, it takes place in a unified way, it’s a good sign, we will work together, I thank colleagues”, said Boccia speaking to journalists at Palazzo Madama. “The parliamentary group is the heart of political activity, the secretary Elly Schlein gave an indication: permanent agreement between party activities and parliamentary activities”. “We will not give discounts to a government that is putting Italy on the margins. The party will have as a constant point of reference listening to the square, the protest, the thousand places of work, the country – he added – It is a job we do with passion and dedication knowing that all of this has a fixed point, to return Italy to the center of Europe. Today it is on the sidelines in the choices that count and it is on the sidelines on the relevant issues. For these reasons we are starting a profound work that will bring results already in the classrooms in the next few days”.

Boccia: “Schlein indicates an alternative to the right that divides”

“Today, the Democratic Party has the ability to intercept people’s interest again: we have 16,000 subscribers in 15 days. They are people who still believe in politics. This is the most beautiful sign, every day bodies, associations, worlds of work and the The company are asking the Democratic Party for an interlocution, because they are worried about the drift of this government, which is fueling anger, clashes, divisions in society, fears, and is not giving recipes for solutions”, Boccia said again. “Schlein has indicated an alternative path. When he talks about defense of the planet, sustainable development, circular economy, minimum wage, civil and social rights that go together, he is indicating another idea of ​​society and all of this has a fixed point: Europe. Around this we will mark the distance between us and the right led by Meloni”.

Braga: “Thanks to the Democratic Party”

While Braga said after the election: “Thanks to all of you, especially to my colleagues, to Debora who has led the group in these complicated years and months, putting her face forward and showing the of the word “responsibility” the most difficult evening; a thank you

to the Secretary, to Elly, for her trust. I feel full responsibility and I hope to be up to the challenge that has opened up with your election. And finally, thanks to the Pd, to our party, to that hope for millions of Italians and

of Italians that was at its birth and to which we owe come back to being”.

Malpezzi: “Good choices but I would have preferred a discussion”

“We made this appointment five months ago. When I accepted the post of team leader I said it would be over. There are no good people for all seasons and if we want to give new energy and give a concrete response to the claims we make on the change it is good not to put stoppers or obstacles,” said the outgoing leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Simona Malpezzi, at the assembly. “I say frankly and transparently that I understand the secretary’s need to make choices, but I would have preferred the discussion to take place between us first rather than in the newspapers. It is essential to guarantee autonomy and free space for discussion within the group. We must protect these spaces of autonomy”. “Secretary Schlein asked us for the trust necessary to work all together – she added – I share and add that this trust must be mutual because we don’t know each other yet and we have to give each other time. We need the will to get to know each other and recognize each other in the differences that are the our wealth”. “I think I have always put the valorisation of pluralism and differences at the center. I tried. There is a dignity and a right of citizenship that must be recognized and protected. I have tried to exercise my mandate, trying to make everyone feel at home with his story. I hope I succeeded – he concluded – Thanks to all the senators and senators, thanks to the employees of the group: they are not just offices, they are people who work in a team and for the team”.

Serracchiani: “Government in difficulty, continue with our struggles”

“Today’s is an important and delicate passage. In the months behind us, after the political defeat that made us work in a context of weakness, the action in Parliament has acted as a beacon. The autonomy of the groups must be protected and always safeguarded also because it makes the party stronger. Working in this way, with loyalty between us and team spirit, we have not only made strong opposition to the majority and the government but we have had the ambition and strength to dictate the agenda”, he said the outgoing group leader Debora Serracchiani greeting the deputies dem. “The majority and the government are in difficulty on economic and social issues – he added – they do not want to talk about it and for this reason they bring up the issues of rights, children, imprisoned mothers, migrants: these issues are part of our identity and we must go forward in these battles without forgetting the centrality of economic and social issues. I conclude by thanking each of you. For me, leading the group has been an important and very rich experience. A big thank you to all the employees of the group whose great professionalism is fundamental to our action.

The new secretariat

In the meantime, the new leader of the Democratic Party continues to discuss the secretariat, which should see the light of day early next week, with representatives from almost all areas. For the majority headed by Schlein, the names circulating are those of the deputies Marco Furfaro, Marco Sarracino and Alessandro Zan and the former mayor of Crema Stefania Bonaldi. For Bonaccini’s minority we are talking about Senator Alessandro Alfieri and the Emilian regional undersecretary Davide Baruffi, right arm of the governor in the negotiations.