Pd, Casaleggio: “Bottom compromise on online primaries”

“Bonaccini or Schlein? At least he surpasses the ‘single candidate’ like Conte in the M5S”

Davide Casaleggio, founder of the Rousseau platform and promoter of direct democracy, intervenes in an interview with Adnkronos in the debate on the primaries of the Democratic Party, which will be open to online voting but only for specific cases. The dems have reached an agreement on the rules: voters in the gazebos, but those who live far away or are unable to use the web. How do you judge this solution? “It is like saying that you can only buy a train ticket online if you live far from a ticket office. We are talking about a downward compromise that allows you to say that there will be an online vote without actually doing it”, observes Gianroberto Casaleggio’s son, co-founder of the M5S together with Beppe Grillo.

“If the desire to involve citizens is authentic, then decisions are made that put their needs at the center and not the interests of one manager or another. The future of participation is to give everyone the freedom to choose the method autonomously with which the individual wants to express himself. The antagonism between digital and physical voting – he observes – is an anachronistic concept of those who continue to look in the rearview mirror of history”. Between Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schlein who would you choose? “More than my personal choice between one person or another, I believe it is more important to focus on the method that allows that choice to a community. However, it must be said that there is a positive aspect. At least this time the concept of fake democracy with the single candidate as happened for Letta in the Democratic Party last time or for the 5 Star Movement with Conte “, stings Casaleggio.

Why is politics still skeptical about the use of online voting? What scares policy makers, in your opinion? “The digitization of processes that we have seen in all sectors of the economy has radically changed business models and power structures. Today we have bank accounts accessible from mobile phones and we can buy tickets for a concert or a flight directly online , but if we used the vision of innovation that is being adopted in politics we would have to leave the house by taking a carriage with horses.Political decision makers – continues the founder of Rousseau – in addition to being out of time, are frightened by a very simple: if you introduce digital voting in a community and it becomes a means that can be used on a daily basis, thanks to the low costs and ease of access, then people will start asking for it not only to vote for the secretary, but also to write the electoral program or to decide on strategic issues. And this terrifies those who want to centralize power in their own hands”.

(by Antonio Atte)