Pd, Casini: “M5S and Third Polo are making piranhas”

“If the dem crisis were to worsen, the majority will also have to worry about it”

“The Democratic Party is a great party. If the crisis of the Democratic Party, I hope not, should worsen, the majority should also worry about it”. Pier Ferdinando Casini says it, guest of ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Rai3. The responsibility of the Democratic Party “is a great merit, I wouldn’t want it to be a demerit for someone”, says Casini again. Who points out how in the last elections the dem lost “800 thousand votes compared to the 6 million votes lost by the 5Stelle: yet it seems that it was the Democratic Party who came out of it”. As for potential allies, therefore M5S and Third Polo, for Casini they are playing “piranhas” with the Democratic Party, therefore “the Democratic Party must be the Democratic Party rather than worrying about alliances”.

“I am very opposed to the reform of presidentialism – he remarked later – In Italy there is a global crisis, we are always in crisis, from the parties to the ministers, the only thing that is not in crisis is the institution of the President of the Republic, who has a very high consensus. And we want to take the only thing that works, a sort of referee, and transform it into an element of division? It’s total nonsense. The referee, the pater familias, must be preserved”.