Pd, Catholic ‘node’: Delrio and De Micheli warn Schlein

The secretary relaunches the Zan bill and LGBT+ rights without introducing potentially divisive issues and observes on Ukraine: “Peace is not a bad word”

There had been the go-ahead from Pierluigi Castagnetti, former PPI secretary and president of ‘I Popolare’. “There is room for Catholics in Schlein’s Democratic Party,” he told Avvenire, perhaps thanks to an unconfirmed phone call with his secretary. Today, however, the issue of the Catholics of the Democratic Party has been reopened. Graziano Delrio and Paola De Micheli did it. The former arriving at the assembly at the Clouds tells reporters that “there is concern” among Catholics “it is useless to deny it. But there must be no prejudices”.

“On many issues – he adds – such as public health and the minimum wage, the battles are shared. On other issues there are discussions to be had on the merits”. While De Micheli, speaking of pluralism within the Democratic Party, observes: “The idea that unity in pluralism is possible means giving dignity to everyone’s ideas. The unease should not be underestimated, especially that of the Catholic world”. For her part, Elly Schlein in her first speech as secretary before the dem national assembly did not introduce potentially divisive elements. He underlined the importance of rights, above all the Ius Soli, he relaunched the Zan bill, the rights of children of same-parent couples, LGBT rights + in general.

“We need to insist on a law against hatred and discrimination, it is the minimum union in Europe. We must not sleep at night on these discriminations – observes Schlein -. Instead of picking on Peppa Pig, we need to guarantee the rights of couples’ children same parents, a more just society is the safest, because it leaves no one behind”. And in the passage on Ukraine in confirming his support for Kiev, Schlein speaks of peace, a theme felt by the Catholic world, thus: “Peace is not a dirty word, indeed for us on the left it must be a daily aspiration, a constant mobilization. But it must be a just peace. One cannot be equidistant from who has been attacked and from who has attacked”.