Pd, Chaplains: “Radicals in the proposals, rooted in the territory”

“Radical in the proposals, rooted in the territory, and gradual in the necessary reforms”. Thus the deputy Pd Santi Cappellani commenting on the conference of ‘Democratic Community’ promoted by Graziano Delrio. “The Democratic Party was the most correct and convinced supporter of this government – adds Cappellani – which has the fundamental task of managing the reformist transition that will allow for a correct expenditure of PNNR funds as well as in European plans”.

“Moderation in the transition, together with the radicalism of choices – he highlights – give us an identity that was rewarded in the recent elections because Italians need stability and a long-term project”.

According to Cappellani, “the time for slogans is over, the era of serious reflection on our country has begun which focuses on the idea of ​​community, from work communities, to that of the family, to that of the person as a social subject. in all of its relations “. “The territory and the active communities, on this – concludes Cappellani – must be the starting point for the rethinking of our society from a reformist point of view, in the political sphere, in the voluntary sector, as well as in the technical one and in associations”.