Pd, dem primaries: rumors of postponement to February 26, Nazareno is holding back

Idea of ​​postponing the gazebos, set for February 19, to avoid overlapping with the regional ones

Distance the appointment of the primaries from that of the regional ones. It is talked about informally among the dem. A ‘peaceless’ date for the gazebos: already anticipated with respect to an initial determination, now there are those who would like to change it again. The point is that barely a week passes between the regionals and the primaries: the elections are on February 12 and the gazebos on the 19th. Hence the idea of ​​moving the primaries by a week to February 26.

The initiative does not come from the Nazarene. Indeed, it is specified: “It is not a hypothesis and it is not being discussed”. After all, the various candidates for the dem secretariat do not currently agree with the idea. There is no enthusiasm on the front that supports Stefano Bonaccini that he would have wanted much shorter times for the dem congress. “We have already adhered to the established times, which are already quite long,” the staff say about him.

Matteo Ricci underlines: “This is also why I had asked to bring forward” to January, “I knew that in the end there was the risk of delay. The 19th is a week after the regionals…”. Paola De Micheli has a ‘secular’ position with respect to a possible postponement because, for the candidate for the Pd secretariat, the important thing is to avoid overlapping between primaries and regional ones. “It’s something I’ve been saying for months – she explains to Adnkronos – not to superimpose the congress on regional ones. Either sooner or later”.

From the Nazarene the rumors about the possible new date change of the primaries are stopped and it is reiterated that “the path is fixed and remains the same”.