Pd, deputy group leader Ciani: “I’m not signing up. The dem can change their minds about Ukraine”

The newly elected: “I am independent, my choices do not bind the group and the Democratic Party”. Schlein: “Clear line, he didn’t speak on behalf of the party”

Dissolve Demos? “No, it’s a party to all intents and purposes, we’ll ask for the 2xMille. And I don’t subscribe to the Democratic Party, unlike my colleagues in Article 1“. Thus Paolo Ciani of Demos, newly elected deputy leader of the Pd group in the Chamber, to ‘Republic’. “It was certainly a sign of attention from the secretary to Catholics in general, but I’m not from the Pd, so I can’t say: now Catholics feel at home in the Democratic Party”.

What do you think about gestation for others? “I’m against” but “I don’t like ideological battles, so I’m in favor of registering the children of LGBT+ couples. And the universal crime for the GPA proposed by the right seems to me to be just that, an ideological battle. Wrong”.

He is known in Parliament because he is the only one from the Democratic Party who voted against arms in Ukraine. “Yes, I voted against.” Are others in the Democratic Party group approaching his position? “There is this discussion among our people, it is a much broader front than how it is represented in Parliament, in the numbers of the group. The Pd made a legitimate choice in the last legislature, after a shocking novelty and while supporting a government of unity national, but now after a year and a half of war the party can evolve into new positions. You can even change your mind. The no to Pnrr resources for ammunition was a leap in quality, not wrong”.

There were numerous reactions to his statements and Ciani comments: “I see that my statements made to Repubblica arouse attention above all because they underline my independence. It’s true, I’m not a member of the Democratic Party. But if I have convinced myself as a candidate with the Pd-Idp list it is because I believe that it is possible in this group to carry forward many of my convictions for social justice and peace”.

“My words, therefore, were not meant to be distancing, but aimed to underline how some of my positions certainly do not bind either the Group or the party. As has always been the case for elected independents of the left, they can coexist on some specific issues different points of view without these constituting deep fractures”.

The dem leader also intervenes Elly Schleinregarding Ciani’s words on Ukraine: “It seems to me that Ciani himself has clarified his statements. Statements he made not as Pd but on behalf of his Demos party, which ran with the Pd in ​​politics. So it seems to me that Ciani has already replied. The line of the Democratic Party is very clear and that is it”.