Pd, Elly Schlein: “I want to become the new secretary”

Launching his candidacy: “We are not here to settle accounts but for the new Democratic Party”

“If we do it together, I’m here, I won’t back down. Let’s build this candidacy together to demonstrate that I can become the new secretary of the Democratic Party: I’m in, but let’s do it together”. Like this Elly Schlein, announces her candidacy for the leadership of the Democratic Partywhile the audience gathered at the Monk in Rome sings ‘Bella ciao’.

In his words, the call for unity resounds strongly, against the currents that animate and divide the party. “Those who arrive from today arrive at par, no one comes with the idea of ​​conditioning: come free or don’t come at all”. The goal is “to undermine the dynamics of current cooptation”, “I – he claims – have always rejected the logic of cooptation, if I accepted them today I would be stupid. We are here not to create a new current but to overcome them, mixing our stories , even of those who think differently. We are a wave, not a current and my name also says a lot about this: there will never be ‘Schleinians'”.

We need to change this Pd, together with his companions who loved him despite the difficulties. Rebuilding a party rooted among the people” that gives “answers to people’s needs. We are here to listen to you and rebuild together, “said Schlein who in one passage thanked the” militants of the unity parties who also taught me how to fry. I’m getting back on the road, starting tomorrow with a backpack on my shoulder to cross the country, starting with the clubs”. And remembering that “the world doesn’t end with the primaries, because even the next day we will have to continue to change”.

“Today we need something new, what we have been up to now is not enough, let’s not waste the opportunity of this constituent phase”, to “combine unity with vision, make the base weigh more. Let’s take this journey together, shoulder to shoulder”, to “offer an alternative to the worst right ever”, “overcoming contradictions, errors, tactics and personalisms in order to change for the better. We must be a bridge between the best energies, which are in the Democratic Party, and between those who want find a place that has long felt lost”.

We are not here for an identity showdown, but for a new Democratic Party” because “something didn’t work. Let’s crowd it, let’s fill this constituent phase with ideas “, he said again. “We want to start a plural collective path that contributes to the construction of a new Democratic Party, and this without exclusions. Our us is not exclusive, whoever arrives today arrives on par, ”she assured.

“I also respond to those who, like Renzi, don’t deserve an answer, when they say that he put us in Parliament. As far as I’m concerned, they put me 53,000 preferences in Parliament. Renzi deserves another credit, for having pushed me and many others outside the Democratic Party with his arrogant choices, his villainous leadership”, “humiliating anyone who had a different idea. Renzi left rubble and went off to do something else, I don’t understand why he has to tell the Democratic Party what to do “, while “already winking at the government”, said Schlein adding that “it is not healthy” to argue that “I only deal with civil rights, and this only because of my sexual orientation: it is not healthy”.

As for the current government, “we can’t do anything with a female prime minister who doesn’t defend women, starting with their bodies”. “If Giorgia Meloni wants to help women – she insists after having attacked her on the female option – why doesn’t she approve an equal leave of months, like in Spain and Finland? Yes, that is a measure that helps women”.

“In just a few weeks, this government has shown the worst face of the nationalist right-wing ideology”, with the anti-rave law “which they had to rewrite”, the “cruelty of stranding people in the middle of the sea only to then realize that one cannot do”, with “the attack on the DRC”, with “inadequate ministers” and “a nice maneuver against the poor” based on “a redistribution in reverse, upwards, and which rewards tax evaders”, he underlined.