Pd, Elly’s first day as secretary

Al Nazareno generational change. In the Schlein team enthusiasm beyond tiredness, yesterday celebrations until late at night on the notes of songs from 80s cartoons.

The glance is there. This afternoon on the terrace of the Nazareno, overlooking the roofs of the historic center of Rome, the average age was around 40. Marco Furfaro, Chiara Gribaudo, Marco Sarracino, Alessandro Zan. The ‘Elly team’ complete with Francesco Boccia doing the honors. The enthusiasm of yesterday’s victory is still sky high and overcomes the tiredness as the celebrations went on until late at night. There was a lot of dancing, it is said. Soundtrack: 80s cartoon songs. The acronym of ‘Cat’s Eyes’ is very popular.

She, the new secretary, arrives at the Nazarene shortly after 3 pm. She green jacket, jeans and white sneakers. The handover with Enrico Letta is not a formal passage: the two stay talking for over an hour. A long chat. Then they come together. “Sorry,” Schlein begins to the long-awaited reporters on the third floor of the Nazarene. Then the photo opportunity with gift: Letta gives Schlein a ceramic pomegranate “symbol of prosperity and fortune”, while the reporters retrace other passages of the helm at the Nazarene where the climate had never been so relaxed. On the contrary.

Schlein will officially take office in the Nazarene only after the national assembly, convened for 12 March. The next few days will all be dedicated to organizational issues but above all to the programme. A meeting has already been scheduled tonight. A press conference shortly to present a sort of programmatic ‘manifesto’ of the new secretariat is not excluded by the staff.

‘work in unity but never give up on a clear and understandable line’

In the meantime, the new secretary indicates a working scheme: “A new method, shared and plural, is fundamental. It is the way I have always worked and with which I intend to work for the Democratic Party”. And he assures, addressing the whole community that he now represents, to the defeated in the Bonaccini area: “The effort is to work for maximum unity, to keep this democratic community together. To take care of the history of this party and to be custodians of the values ​​of the Democratic Party and project them into the future”.

United but, he points out, without renouncing clarity. “We have to work for the relaunch and keeping the community together is fundamental without giving up a clear and understandable line”. And she adds: “I’m a native democrat, it’s our time. Being able to keep cultures together is fundamental for us today that we need to work for everyone to relaunch”.

First of all, the ‘forty-year-olds’ who worked for his candidacy will do it together with Schlein. Starting with Marco Furfaro, possible deputy secretary or coordinator of the secretariat. Alessandro Zan who could hold a position in the secretariat as Head of Rights. “It could also be something wider,” Zan himself told reporters. And again Marco Sarracino at the Organization and the former mayor of Crema, Stefania Bonaldi, at the Territories, Chiara Braga with her expertise on environmental issues. The scheme is to bring new personalities to the secretariat. “We forty-year-olds have always been there with our commitment in the Democratic Party – claims Chiara Gribaudo, in the predicament of becoming the next group leader in Montecitorio – and now our time has come”. (by Mara Montanari)