Pd, for Schlein it’s time to “go back to the left”: tomorrow the Management

The dem secretary: “Yes pluralism but I received a clear mandate. Today from Art.1: “It’s family reunification”

Elly Schlein arrives at the Directorate of the Democratic Party, convened for tomorrow at 15.30, after intense days. The long voicemail on Friday, almost 5 hours. And then the interview with RepIdee, the participation in the Roma Pride parade and today in the assembly of Art.1 which dissolves with the ‘return home’ of the exes, including Pier Luigi Bersani. “A family reunion“, Schlein defines it. A series of initiatives that have outlined the spirit with which the secretary will present herself at tomorrow’s appointment. The first marked by the fissure of the pax interna after the primaries. Amidst the disappointment of the defeats in the ballots, the discontent over the De Luca case followed closely by the controversy over Paolo Ciani’s words on Ukraine, and the Bonaccini area intending to structure itself.

In recent days the list of complaints, criticisms and suggestions to the secretary has been articulated. Not only behind the scenes, but also in the clear. Both by exponents who supported Stefano Bonaccini at the congress, and by members of the majority such as big names of the caliber of Nicola Zingaretti to push for the Pd to give itself an agenda. In Friday’s secretariat, Schlein has already fielded a reaction that will be explored in tomorrow’s Directorate: a relaunch of political action with a mobilization “in and with the territories” on central issues such as work, health, school, Pnrr.

Assembly Art. 1

As for the direction of march, Schlein was clear today at the Art.1 assembly in Naples. “Today we are in opposition and we must rebuild a clear identity on some fundamental proposals for our country. The right is doing the right and we must start again to do the left, because this is what people are asking of us”. The secretary assures that she will continue to preserve “pluralism” in the Democratic Party and remarks: “On condition that it is recognized that I received a clear mandate in the primaries to go on building unity and coherence”.

Schlein does not intend to discard the line of the motion with which he won the congress. There is “a clear idea of ​​the country that derives from the motion that won the congress and the primaries”. With the time needed to implement it. “It won’t be easy, no one has the illusion that the change will take place in a few months. We are aware of the challenge and we can only overcome it if everyone plays their part”. And tomorrow, he tells reporters, we will have “an open and plural discussion as we usually do, which focuses on the issues of the political agenda of the Democratic Party with which we want to speak to the country, and start opening up again because we have rampant abstention”.


And there was also room for remote dialogue with the other oppositions. “Not even with this family reunification with Article One will the Democratic Party feel self-sufficient. We will therefore continue to look for points in common, as we are already doing in Parliament, with the other oppositions on many issues that we hope to bring together in the country”. Carlo Calenda makes himself heard via Twitter and calls Schlein to be concrete. “Let’s talk about concrete things. We have two widely shared proposals: 1) Minimum Contractual Salary; 2) Enterprise 4.0 expanded to include energy and the environment and supported by Pnrr funding. Let’s present them”. And Schlein puts a ‘like’.

With you

With Giuseppe Conte distances remain, indeed “dissonances”, as he says from the stage of the event in the farm with Bruno Vespa. War, over everything. “I don’t see any turning points” by the Democratic Party. However, on the minimum wage “I see greater determination” in the new dem management group. However, an organic alliance “today is out of place” but, says Conte, “I can share objectives and battles with the Democratic Party. And I hope that the dialogue will grow and strengthen more and more, that the common ground will increase”. In Naples, Schlein also responded to reporters about Vicenzo De Luca. “It would be amiss if we didn’t talk to each other, of course. He is a regional president of a party of which I am the secretary”.