Pd, Gualtieri: “Risk of split? Those who think it are wrong”

“We lost the elections because we weren’t able to make broad alliances”

“There have been many splits that have not brought luck to those who made them: whoever thinks this is wrong and won’t go anywhere. The leaders pass, the Democratic Party is there and will be there as the main party of the Italian democratic left”. The mayor of Rome said it, Robert Gualtieri, to ‘Omnibus’ answering a question on the risk of a split in the Democratic Party after the congress. “We lost the elections because we weren’t able to make loose alliances,” she continued.

“The congress – Gualtieri said again – must be about the identity and the program of the Democratic Party: now there are regional elections that take place before the congress and the next European elections are with the proportional system where there are no alliances”.

“It is not clear why it should be a congress focused on alliances”, he then said, answering a question and emphasizing that the congress must define “how the Democratic Party can lead the opposition, build an alternative, defend the country and improve measures not adequate, be a force capable of building a great political and social front to save Italy and relaunch the country”.

“I’ll take a good look at the candidates, they both have elements of strength. Schlein is saying quite rightly that a critique of our development model is needed, more determination in profound, redistributive, energy transition changes. This element is fundamental but at the same time at the same time these principles must not remain declaimed in a movementist or radical way, they must be transformed into government capacity”, explained the mayor of Rome again speaking of the candidates for the secretariat of the Democratic Party.

“Change, even profound and radical, must be transformed into a capacity to mobilize society from below and to govern – he continued – the Democratic Party is a government party and must have a strong responsibility and from this point of view Bonaccini has a certain solidity. They are two candidates who express the right things, the congress will have to translate into an ability of the party to look and know how to plan a change but in a credible way”.