Pd, in the Directorate exchange of accusations and heated debate on women

Letta: “We failed on women’s representation”

The nerve discovered among the dem was immediately touched by Enrico Letta: “On women, the failure of our representation is clear and evidently, I don’t have much to add. “As was to be expected, the women’s front of the Democratic Party animated the discussion in the long post-vote direction more than any other. Suffice it to say that it was President Valentina Cuppi, in a passionate speech, who spoke about “a party still strongly macho in which if you want to count you have to bow to the logic of the currents “.

The female dem front, however, proved to be very varied, with different nuances within it, without sparing exchanges of accusations on the causes of the pink “debacle” in the lists (about one third of the total elected). Monica started Cirinnà, immediately after Letta’s speech: “There is a need for a passing of the baton between generations and genders”. The former senator immediately made it clear that there was no air of a common front: “We have been victims of multiple candidaciesbut we have also been unable to weave alliances between women, to resist and propose ourselves as alternatives “.

Alessia Moranitalking about “catastrophic defeat“, was even more explicit:” I did not read a statement by Cecilia D’Elia after the debacle. “The spokeswoman for Democratic Women took the floor immediately after, pointing the finger at currentism and the formation of lists:” ‘they were women leader “. She was the one who proposed” women everywhere in parliamentary presidencies and groups “. An idea, however, dropped a bit during the debate. If not opposed:” The groups must decide independently “explained Luigi Zanda.

The position taken by D’Elia has certainly not calmed the waters, on the contrary. “I love Cecilia D’Elia, but who put her there in that role she covers? So, to say”, commented from the outside, via Twitter, the other outgoing Patrizia Prestipino. Close by, Enza Bruno Bossio made it clear that the air was blowing in the Direction under the other half of the sky dem.

The outgoing deputy first said that “the path of a female secretary is unavoidable”, and then clarified: “The national agreement of the current leaders is the cancer that risks killing the Democratic Party forever”. A ‘one-two’ to which Bruno Bossio added an explicit criticism of D’elia: “I do not agree with what he said, gender alternation has been sacrificed, in Calabria as in the whole of the South, imagining that as usual the women of the Democratic Party are never the right ones “.

The hard line, however, did not pass among the dem women. Valeria Valente gave a different interpretation: “It is too easy for everyone to speak afterwards. I have heard many interventions from women, but they too are the ruling class. We all missed the appointment”. Thus, in this context, the words of Paola De Micheli appeared coherent, who confirmed her candidacy for the secretariat as follows: “It is not a solitary candidacy, without fear of breaking the conveniences because I believe in the contestability of the Democratic Party. Someone must begin, someone who is not offended by male or female misogyny that defines her as a dwarf “.