Pd, it’s the day of the primaries. Challenge Bonaccini-Schlein for the secretariat. All numbers

Polling stations open from 8 to 20 to decide the new leader. There are 20,000 volunteers who will work in 5,500 stations. Even those who are not registered can vote. 2,800 will do it online. Almost 16,000 voters registered for “Voto dove vivo”, including non-residents, foreigners residing in Italy and minors over 16 years old

Twelve hours to decide who will lead the Democratic Party, between Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schlein. Today, Sunday 26 February, from 8 to 20, 5,500 polling stations will remain open throughout Italy: 20,000 volunteers will be involved in the primaries (HISTORY FROM 2007 TO THE PRESENT). Those who do not have a party card will also be able to vote by signing a declaration of support for the Democratic Party and paying a contribution of 2 euros. In addition to face-to-face voting, votes can be cast online: those who have registered on the appropriate platform can do so. If registered in time, foreigners residing in Italy, minors over 16 and non-residents can also vote in attendance at the polling stations (BONACCINI’S PROGRAM – SCHLEIN’S PROGRAM – THE LATEST POLLS).

Nearly 16,000 primary voters registered for “Vote where I live”

The dem can already count on a few tens of thousands of voters who have pre-registered for “Voto dove vivo”, so as to express their preference in a place other than where they live. These are 12,735 non-residents, 1,617 minors (aged 16 and over) and 1,235 foreigners residing in Italy. To use the service it was necessary to pre-register by 12 on Friday.

Where to vote

The gazebos will be set up above all in the headquarters of the Democratic Party. But not only. The list is on the site “trovaseggio.primariepd2023.it/”: there are some in theatres, schools, gyms, municipal buildings and so on. At the invitation of Acli and Arci, in many of the polling stations, the flag of Peace will fly next to the flag of the Democratic Party, as a sign of closeness to the Ukrainian people. There are no official estimates on the turnout: in 2019, when Nicola Zingaretti was elected, over one and a half million people went to the gazebos. In recent days, the two candidates have said they hope that this time we will reach one million. A drop is considered physiological, also in light of what happened in the circles, where this time 151,530 members voted: in 2019 there were 189,000.

How to get to the ballot

It was the club congresses, which took place from 3 to 19 February, that indicated which of the four candidates – Bonaccini, Schlein, Gianni Cuperlo and Paola De Micheli – should go to today’s ballot. In that first phase, the result was: Bonaccini with 52.87%, Schlein with 34.88%, Cuperlo with 7.96%, De Micheli with 4.29%. On this day, Bonaccini will await the outcome of the vote at the headquarters of his committee in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna). Schlein should choose a Roman venue, a theatre, the Spazio Diamante. The official counting data will be communicated to the national headquarters of the Democratic Party, at the Nazareno in Rome.