Pd, Mannheimer: “From polls, Bonaccini has an advantage over Schlein”

“10% according to some revelations, but it will be a good race” says the pollster to Adnkronos on the derby for the leadership of the Democratic Party

“I’ve seen readings I trust they’ve been giving Bonaccini ahead of 10 percent among those who vote for Pd, not among party members. But everything will depend on the race, a good race”. Thus the pollster Renato Mannheimer at Adnkronos on the Schlein derby – Bonaccini in the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The future of the Federation of the Third Pole “depends on Renzi and Calenda, first of all on their character, because there is certainly a space. However, a lot will also depend on what happens to the Democratic Party”. “If the Democratic Party moves to the left, e hypothetically, Schlein should win and influence the party lineit is likely that significant shares of voters who were in the Democratic Party hoping for a social democratic breakthrough will leave and this could favor the centre”.

Could the Third Pole be first in the 2024 European Championships? “The future cannot be predicted: we have seen everything happen in recent months but it seems unlikely to me, it is difficult to make predictions between now and the European Championships. Just look at the M5s which we considered finished, instead Conte managed to bring it up strongly. So – he concludes – anything can happen.”