Pd, no agreement on group leaders: postponed to next week

Schlein in Brussels for PSE summit, summoning parliamentarians not before Tuesday or Wednesday

There is still no agreement in the Democratic Party on group leaders. And the convocation of the dem parliamentarians is postponed after yesterday’s attempt to accelerate, when in the Transatlantic the focus was on assemblies already met today, before Elly Schlein’s departure for Brussels for the PES summit in view of the EU Council. Nothing done. From sectors of the dem majority it is known that the intentions have not changed at the moment or the preference is for the presidents of the groups both close to the secretary: Francesco Boccia in the Senate and Chiara Braga, former exponent of Dario Franceschini’s Areadem, in the Chamber.

A scheme on which there is no agreement with the Pd minority. “The situation is wrapped up”, the observation of several dem parliamentarians today in Montecitorio. And to avoid lacerations in the groups where the presidents have to pass by one vote, an understanding is obviously needed. How does it come out? Among the parliamentarians who supported Bonaccini there are those who point the way to an overall agreement that brings together group leaders and the secretariat to get out of the stalemate. But there are also those who don’t rule out the possibility that in the end everything could be blown up: in short, no unitary management.

However, this would not be Stefano Bonaccini’s intention at all, his parents say. “Eventually they will find a solution, as they have always done in recent years”, is the prediction. In the meantime, however, the game remains open and the stalemate leaves room for discontent among the parliamentarians. “Almost a month has passed since the primaries and the secretary still hasn’t presented herself to the groups…”, remarked in Transatlantico. But, having missed today’s ‘window’, there are no other possibilities during the week. Tomorrow Schlein is busy in Brussels and on Friday the buildings are already empty. In short, we’ll talk about it next week – Tuesday or Wednesday – and from now on the negotiations will go on.