Pd, on Kiev last act of secretary Letta, the two years of leadership dem

On Ukraine, the most complicated and characteristic positioning of your secretariat. Primary Sunday, a handover without injuries. The future? “I am simply a parliamentarian”.

It is one of those coincidences of fate, the one that made his last act as secretary happen today, precisely on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps the most significant and clear-cut sign of Enrico Letta’s secretariat appeared on the war. Certainly the “most complicated and characterizing” positioning, say the of him. A coherence that Letta stressed again today in the double appointment in front of the Ukrainian and then Russian embassy. “I would do everything I did again and I am proud to have brought the Democratic Party to the forefront alongside an oppressed people”, is the thought of the outgoing secretary.

A secretariat that began with the Democratic Party on the verge of implosion with the resignation of Nicola Zingaretti and that “I am ashamed of my party” put in black and white on Fb. Called back from Paris, also invoked by those who were not really close to him at the time of Matteo Renzi and his farewell to Palazzo Chigi, Letta accepted the bet at the start of 2021. “I have not regretted returning from Paris”, he said in the national assembly in January, the last one as secretary.

Two years of alternating moments. From successes with administrative victories, Rome in the lead. And then the Quirinal chapter with the reconfirmation of Sergio Mattarella and Letta’s Democratic Party at the center of parliamentary dynamics. Then, the defeats. The fall of the Draghi government, the rift with Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Stars and an electoral campaign with the center-left divided and destined for certain defeat.

The day after that defeat, Letta decided to stay and lead the Democratic Party until the congress which will end with the primaries on Sunday 26 February. “It is right that whoever led the party to the electoral result remained to lead this phase, a phase in which, after an electoral defeat, only blows are taken”, admitted Letta. “It was right to hold on and get here today” but, he let himself go in front of the audience of the national assembly in January, “I keep my bitterness and generosity to myself”.

What will Enrico Letta do from Monday? “I am simply a parliamentarian”, is the answer he has given to all those who have asked him in recent weeks. Some time ago Letta had denied rumors that gave him the lead in the 2024 European elections. Of course, the possibility of assignments for an ex-premier is articulated. Both at European and international institutions level. But his friends repeat: “He has no ambition for roles”.

And even the handover this time, unlike others, does not bring with it any wounds or tears, they assure the Nazarene. “No wounds like those left by Matteo Renzi’s season…”. Just the disagreement in the last few days with Andrea Orlando on the interview with the New York Times and the judgment on Giorgia Meloni premier.

But, remarked by the Nazarene, there were substantially two years of peace in the party, no personal lacerations. “This is a legacy that demonstrates that one can be united and row in the same direction despite the differences, as is happening in this truly contestable congress this time but played with fair play”.

The last act of the Letta secretariat closes with the claim of coherence on the positioning on Kiev. “On the morning of a year ago we woke up and the invader had entered Ukraine bringing death and destruction. From the first moment we have been with the resistance of the Ukrainian people. We will continue to do so in the name of the values ​​of freedom and justice. The values ​​of Constitution of Italy and of Europe”.

Although a ‘greeting’ to the party, Letta has already done some on the occasion of the national assembly in January. And the secretary had done it like this: “I’m going out more determined than I started, I’m going out more in love with the Democratic Party than when I started”. Then the ironic closure: “And I assure you that I will not build an alternative party to the Democratic Party…”. (by Mara Montanari) Pd,