Pd, Orlando: “Me candidate? Adding names only aggravates problems”

“Call us the Democratic and Labor Party would give strength, referendum on name”

“Me candidate for the leadership of the Democratic Party? Adding a name to those of those who have already run for the secretariat does not seem to me a way to solve the problem but rather to aggravate it”. Thus Andrea Orlando, guest of the Sunday Coffee on Radio 24. “I continue to insist on the need to put ideas at the center”, he added.

“Call us the Democratic and Labor Party? I fully agree, on a symbolic level it would have great strength. Indeed we should propose this name with a referendum, in parallel with the primaries”, he said again.

“Work is no longer that of the factory, Fordist it once was, but the whole world of small businesses, the self-employed is crushed by supranational subjects. In Italy 12% of workers are below the poverty line”, added Orlando, “It is said that young people are not attracted to work but it was one thing to work in the past which gave you the opportunity to grow and another thing is today’s work which does not allow not only to maintain a family but not even to see growth for the future. A new Democratic Party should address a very broad audience because inflation also affects the middle class, even that part of society that felt safe”, he explained.

“If Bonaccini represents the old and Elly Schlein the new yes he will see in the development of the work of the constituent committee but surprisingly the requests for novelty and change will come from the Catholic world, from the environmentalist world”, Orlando said again.

“There is a completely new dialectic between those who think that things are fine as they are and that with a little good governance the most macroscopic damages can be avoided and those who instead believe that to avoid those damages it is necessary to put one’s hands on the functioning of the system, thinking about redistribution policies, thinking about ecological transition policies, because things will not go in that direction by themselves“, he added.


“The risk of an increase in tax evasion by limiting POS is obvious. The signal is “if you don’t use tools that make payments traceable, we’re happy”, Orlando said, adding: “Everyone can draw the consequences”.