Pd, Parisi: “The change of name? A precious provocation but it all depends on the project”

“Adding new letters would mean goodbye to the choice of addressing the majority of Italians”

“It is certainly useful to talk about it, and therefore the provocation of those who invite us to change it is precious. If we think with Dante that names are consequent to present things or projects, everything depends on the thing or project evoked”. Arturo Parisi says so, responding to Adnkronos on the question of changing the name of the Democratic Party.

“Considering that New Democratic Party, written on all sides in capital letters, with an outline of the Congress and the National Constituent Assembly to say of a restart thanks to the rediscovery of Art.1 with the secessionists, it would be more than useful precisely consequent. As I have heard precisely to say from authoritative exponents of Bersani and D’Alema’s party -explains Parisi- A new name in fact means the end of the parenthesis opened in 2007 and the desire to start again with greater vigor in another direction”.

The former minister continues: “The specification then with the replacement or addition of new letters to that simple D, given that with the shared emphasis on the role of the parties, seems to me to exclude the disappearance of the P, it seems to me to represent the abandonment of the choice to address the majority of Italians, as wide as possible, in favor of a more recognizable proposal profiled in terms of social class and ideological references. In this perspective, PdL or PdS would be names that would both go well. Too bad the first was already wasted by Berlusconi, and the other consumed and therefore abandoned in another season”.

candidates decide, the choice is up to the voters in the primaries

(Adnkronos) – But what do you personally think? “My answer is unfortunately obvious. It is the one I gave just 23 years ago these days, it seems to me yesterday, when as leader of the Democrats on the occasion of the Congress of the DS, meeting at the Lingotto, I proposed to Veltroni to discuss together the foundation of the Democratic Party Unfortunately without success. And it is also the answer that the previous year, to safeguard the name of Pd as everyone’s name, we had given together with Prodi to Rutelli and Di Pietro by simply calling the Movement “the Democrats” under the banner of ‘Kicking donkey had taken the field against the anti-olive prejudice that had been the basis of the D’Alema government,’ says Parisi.

“Whether and what name should replace the one linked to the project of the old Pd is one of the choices, I would say the first, that only voters can and must give on the occasion of those imminent primaries that we call Congress – he continues -. More than useful, therefore, it is In order to allow this choice, it is necessary that each candidate pronounce himself loud and clear. Avoiding mere electoral marketing arguments and explaining the link between the name and the thing. New or old. What is a Congress for if not to clarify what things are behind the too many words that have multiplied after 25 September”.

“Letta said it over and over again. ‘It is not a new secretary that we need, but a new party’. What better than the name can this novelty say? Who better than the electors can decide whether and what it is?”, concludes Parisi.