Pd primaries 2023, Schlein secretary: “Clear mandate for change”

“We made a small big revolution”

“It’s a clear mandate to change.” This is how Elly Schlein expresses herself after her victory in the Pd primaries. Schlein beat Stefano Bonaccini and will be the new party secretary. “I am immensely grateful to you because together we have made a small great revolution. Once again, they didn’t see us coming. The democratic people are alive, they exist and they are ready to get up again. We will work on this trust, it is a clear mandate to change” , he said in his first statement, highlighting the priority of “rebuilding trust and credibility that has been broken in recent years. Never betraying the trust of the people is the greatest responsibility”.

“We will be a big problem for the government and for Giorgia Meloni, because now our commitment is to organize the opposition in Parliament and in the country. I want to send a warm message to Stefano Bonaccini and thanks for the always high level of confrontation. I want to thank Enrico Letta. I heard him, tomorrow we will organize ourselves for the handover,” he says again. “Get to work all together in the interest of the country. My commitment is to be everyone’s secretary”.

“The priorities are the fight against all forms of inequality, the right to decent work, the need to tackle the climate emergency as a matter of urgency. We must rebuild trust where it has been broken. “And we must start by defending the dignity of work ; public school, at a time when the government is silent in the face of squad attacks in front of schools. We will build barricades against any cuts in universal public health. We will stand by those who fight for climate justice, alongside social justice. We will work for a true, profound ecological conversion “and” we will not rest until we have placed a limit on precariousness “, he adds.