Pd primaries, challenge Bonaccini-Schlein for the secretariat. The latest candidate surveys

On Sunday 26 February, the next dem secretary will be chosen in the gazebos throughout Italy, also open to those who are not registered. Race to the last vote between the governor of Emilia-Romagna and the deputy, once his deputy in the Region. The surveys of the last few weeks have given very conflicting results and therefore everything is in the balance

The challenge for the Pd primaries will be held on Sunday 26 February and will see Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schlein opposed in the race for the secretariat, guests yesterday of the confrontation on Sky TG24. They are the two candidates who emerged after the vote in the circles, in which the governor of Emilia-Romagna obtained 52.87% while the deputy 34.88%, clearly detaching the other aspirants Gianni Cuperlo and Paola De Micheli.

The race for the primaries

The vote of the members of the circles ended on Sunday with the results of Lazio and Lombardia. Only the first two classified among the four in the race will challenge each other on February 26 in the primaries, which will also be open to those who do not have a Democratic Party card. At least half a million voters are expected to vote in the gazebos.

Emg survey

On 22 January, a Euromedia poll gave Bonaccini over 50% and Schlein under 20%. Instead, a survey carried out by Emg between 7 and 10 February established that Bonaccini could double his rival Elly Schlein. According to what emerged from the sample of 1500 people interviewed, the range of those who intend to vote for the governor of Emilia Romagna would be between 63 and 67%, while Elly Schlein would stop between 33 and 37%. However, according to this survey, there are many who are undecided, a good 33%. Another interesting fact is that 42% of those who consider Bonaccini the best leader will certainly go to vote, while only 11% of those who consider Schlein the best will go to the gazebos.

The Winpoll poll

However, a more recent survey, carried out by Winpoll and published in La Stampa, completely reverses the scenario. According to this survey Elly Schlein would be in the lead ahead of Bonaccini. The deputy is given to about 56.3% among potential voters of the Democratic Party, against 43.7% of the rival. Schlein is the favorite among women (53% against 30%), Bonaccini the favorite among men (44% against 40%). In the North, Schlein prevails with 48% against 36% for Bonaccini. In the Centre, the deputy is ahead with 47% against 39%. South and Islands see the governor ahead with 41% against 39%. The deputy gains the maximum consensus among the youngest, who in the 18-29 age group reward her with 61% of preferences against 26% for Bonaccini. Between 30 and 44 years old, Schlein is still in the lead with 45%, ahead of the president of Emilia-Romagna with 40%. It is an almost equal comparison, however, in the range between 45 and 65 years: the deputy at 39% with the governor at 41%. But Schlein also conquers the over 65s: 48% with Bonaccini still at 33%.

The Emg Acqua survey

On February 20, however, an Emg Acqua survey, for the Agorà broadcast, revealed that according to the preferences of the interviewees, the victory would go to Stefano Bonaccini over Elly Schlein. 64% of the Democratic Party voters interviewed would prefer Bonaccini as the new secretary, while 36% would prefer Schlein.