Pd primaries, Schlein proposes online voting. Bonaccini: “I prefer to take care of something else”

The debate between virtual ballot boxes or old-fashioned gazebos agitates the Democratic Party

Online primaries yes or no? Virtual urns or old-fashioned gazebos? The debate agitates the Democratic Party after the proposal, made by the candidate for the secretariat dem Elly Schlein, of celebrate the primaries for the choice of the new leader with a vote on the web. If on the one hand Schlein’s supporters declare themselves in favor of the hypothesis of an online vote, on the other the supporters of the challenger Stefano Bonaccini are holding back on the proposal.

BONACCINI – “The commission in charge will take care of it” says Stefano Bonaccini, candidate for the national secretariat of the Democratic Party, today in Lecce. “I’m here to take care of work, the environment, health, school, the South. I prefer to deal with problems of people in the flesh, the rules will be dealt with by the commission in charge“.

NARDELLA – “In principle, no opposition to online voting, but we must be serious: we cannot change the rules of the game in full congress” Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence and national president of the Bonaccini motion, told ‘La Repubblica’ ‘hypothesis of online primaries for the choice of the new dem secretary, supported in particular by Elly Schlein. “It is as if at the end of the first half of the World Cup final it was decided not to whistle for offside again in the second half”. “No fear of opening up the party”, Nardella points out, “but now why don’t we commit ourselves to encouraging participation instead? Since the primaries will be open, it would be a further mistake to think of online voting because the failure of the gazebos is taken for granted. And to increase participation – he adds – I am convinced that strong ideas are needed more than online voting”.

THE CEO OF SKY VOTE – “Yet today almost all public law bodies resort to online voting. Only politics is left behind”, comments Giovanni Di Sotto, CEO of Multicast Srl, the company that manages the Sky Vote platform, used by the 5 Star Movement after the divorce from Davide Casaleggio’s ‘Rousseau’.

“Today 4/5 of public law entities, Boards of Directors, private pension funds, investment funds, pension funds ‘vote’ hundreds of billions of euros – between budgets and investment decisions – online. And the people who are elected they are elected online. All professional orders adopt this method, we are talking about 2 and a half million people”, observes Di Sotto.

To date, the M5S still represents a unicum on the front of ‘direct democracy’, the old Grillino workhorse. But now even the Dems are wondering about the methods of involving their militants in decision-making processes, even if many raise doubts. Like the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, president of the Bonaccini motion, according to whom by setting up an online platform “a few days” from the vote “the members would be humiliated”. “But it takes 48 hours to set up a vote of this type”, points out the CEO of Multicast Srl. “There are ready-made platforms, like ours. We are always third parties with respect to the vote, we are not a party but a commercial platform that has no reference. This is our difference with party platforms. The example of the grillini was precisely this. After Rousseau, the 5 Stars benefit from a commercial platform, as do all the entities I mentioned before ” .