Pd protests for Rampelli’s words: “Gay couples sell children for their children”

Storm on the sentence of the vice president of the Chamber. The Dems rise up. “Those words are just nastiness”, underlines Simona Malpezzi. “Of atrocious violence”, adds Pina Picerno

New lunge by Fabio Rampelli (FdI) on the lack of recognition in Italy of the children of gay couples. During the broadcast On air on La7, the vice president of the Chamber attacked: “If two people of the same sex ask for recognition, i.e. registration in the registry office, of a child they pass off as their own child, it means that this surrogate motherhood was done outside the borders national”. A phrase that immediately sparked protests from the opposition.

Storm over Rampelli’s words

Simona Malpezzi attacked from Pd. “In those words only malice”, underlined the president of the dem senators. “No respect for others, for those who think differently from him, for those who live a reality that exists, although Rampelli may not like it. unacceptable language towards children. This is the right that governs the country, “wrote the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate on Twitter.

Picerno: “A bad sentence against the children themselves”

The Vice-President of the European Parliament, Pina Picierno, then spoke. “It is” – he wrote on Facebook – “a terrible violence, not only against parents who choose to welcome children with love, but above all against children who cannot even defend themselves. They pass themselves off (they do) as politicians worthy of governing the country, they are only violent reactionaries,” Picerno protested.

Fratoianni: “Tavern manners”

“I find the words used by the vice president of the Chamber Rampelli during a TV broadcast against the daughters and sons of same-parent couples completely unpleasant, wrong and violent. If he could really spare her those words ‘gay couples pass off children as children’ ”. This was stated by the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni, commenting on the words used by the FdI exponent on In Onda. “You can have different ideas, you need to discuss such complex and delicate issues, but above all respect and care in the use of words would be needed”, concluded the leader of Si.