Pd, Read tomorrow sees elected: the ‘complete package’ is studied on group leaders and appointments

Malpezzi-Serracchiani reconfirms in decline. On dem guarantee commissions point to Copasir with Borghi or Guerini

A ‘complete package’ solution that brings together group leaders and institutional appointments or vice-presidents of the Chambers, Quaestors, presidencies of the guarantee commissions. This, according to the Andkronos, the method on which the Democratic Party is working, which tomorrow will see the first meeting of the elect called by Enrico Letta. With a congress at the gates, the Democratic Party argues, “seeking individual agreements would cause divisions to explode”. This is the method but everything will happen “in the autonomy of the groups”, he emphasizes. Groups that currently do not have a defined geography. And it will not be until the congress process gets underway.

So we need to look for leaders in Parliament who can represent everyone within 6 months when there will be the new secretary and the new management team. At first, confirming the outgoing Simona Malpezzi in the Senate and Debora Serracchiani in the Chamber seemed the most suitable solution.

However, another assessment would be making its way: the two presidents (whom Letta esteems a lot, underline the Nazarene) would however be an expression of another era, of the 2018 legislature with Matteo Renzi secretary and therefore daughters of completely different balances. Now, it is noted, “the groups are more balanced” than before where the left dem was underrepresented. Hence the prices for Valeria Valente and Anna Rossomando in the Senate rise.

As regards the institutional appointments, the Democratic Party is discussing a total of 4/5 names: 3 certain names, plus an elected office between the House and Senate and the presidency of one of the 4 guarantee commissions entrusted to the opposition. Although, at the moment, the divisions are not yet clear. Starting from the vice presidents of the Chamber and Senate. “We don’t know if they will give us two,” say the dem. Moreover, discussions with the majority and with the other opposition parties have not yet taken place.

Finally, on the guarantee fees the Democratic Party points to Copasir “also for the historical moment we are experiencing”. In pole position the outgoing Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, or more likely Enrico Borghi, former leader of the Copasir dem group in the past legislature.

In the meeting of the elected representatives tomorrow with Letta we will also talk about the first votes in the classroom for the election of the presidents of the Chamber and Senate. “We still don’t even know who they will be …”. But the orientation, explained parliamentary sources, could be that of the blank ballot: “Do not vote against institutional offices”.