Pd, road map Congress: from the appeal to the primary of 12 March

Assembly and Management to amend the Statute

It starts on November 7 with the “call for participation” and arrives on March 12 with the primaries. And the ‘road map of the Democratic Party Congress drawn up by Enrico Letta in his speech to the Management dem. Between the start and the finish line of the Assizes a series of fundamental deadlines such as the presentation of the candidacies and a meeting of the Assembly and Management, in mid-November, to modify the Statute and thus guarantee a Congress “whose outcome is unknown”, as the secretary pointed out.

THE APPEAL. “We will begin on November 7 with the appeal in which we will indicate the objectives of the course”, explained Letta. This is the “first step” of the Congress, a “call to participate with the promise that it will not be to act as a spectator but to decide”. Letta promised that “participation will be real and will lead to decisions on candidacies and on the values ​​and ideas behind the new Democratic Party”. To guarantee all this, the secretary proposed that “we can adhere to the constituent path until the last possible moment”. That is, until the time of the vote in the circles.

THE COMPASS. “I am working on a tool, the ‘compass’, to make sure that everyone can have their say, a facilitation of the collective discussion to address the issues we face, so that there is the possibility of having a readable and not abstract “.

MEMBERSHIP. In parallel, the path for membership of the party will start. “A card that is both paper and online, the most significant paper one, which allows you to participate in the constituent process”, explained Letta.

ASSEMBLY AND MANAGEMENT. This phase will have its culmination in the Management and in the Assembly in mid-November: “They will have to do two essential things, vote all together the adjustments to the Statute to do everything I have told. And then the actual congress regulation, necessary, for a competition of which we do not know the final outcome and which must guarantee everyone “.

THE APPLICATIONS. “This discussion will be prodromal to the presentation of projects and the desire to take the leadership of the Democratic Party which can only take place through faces, faces, hearts that intend to represent ideas in our common adventure”.

THE MANIFESTO OF VALUES AND THE CHOICE OF THE TWO CANDIDATES. “All this will take us to January, with in-depth reflection but with a correct and fair timing, with the opportunity to elaborate a new manifesto of values ​​and principles that is the result of the overall work and to ensure that afterwards there will be discussions between adherents to vote for the candidates, as per the Statute, and to ensure that two of them will go to the primary “.

THE PRIMARY. Finally, the final act of the Pd Congress: the primaries. “I imagined the date of March 12. This is the correct timing”, for the secretary dem.