Pd, Schlein appreciated in the EU. But in Rome it is a clash over group leaders

Today the ‘debut’ of the secretary with the PSE leaders. Yesterday dinner with the dem MEPs, satisfied with the meeting. Meanwhile, Bonaccini announces a meeting on Saturday with his ‘his’: there is no agreement on structures.

“On the internal structures, we are taking these days to continue an absolutely serene comparison and we will make the assessments together”. This is how Elly Schlein responds from Brussels where today she made her ‘debut’ at the PSE summit with socialist leaders and prime ministers, starting with the Spaniard Pedro Sanchez with a photo together published on social media, and then Frans Timmermans and Paolo Gentiloni. The secretary is ‘pursued’ in Europe by the game still open on the internal structures of the Democratic Party and the group leaders which is causing tensions between the dem. The minority is in fibrillation. So much so that Stefano Bonaccini decided to take stock on Saturday with the parliamentarians who supported him.

Yesterday evening Schlein saw the dem MEPs at dinner, all or almost all of whom at the congress had been supporters of Bonaccini, including the group leader Brando Benifei, who should be reconfirmed in his role for this last year of the legislature before the 2024 European elections. crucial appointment for the Democratic Party and for Schlein. Yesterday, reports Adnkronos, the secretary let MEPs understand that she will often be in Europe. There would already be an appointment on the agenda for the end of April for a meeting with the socialists.

“How did it go? Very good.” There is talk of a “positive climate. She is very interested in the dossiers we are following from migrants to the green deal to the Covid commission. She has asked and listened a lot. And then, unlike others, she knows the European mechanisms very well, which it’s irrelevant,” observes an attendee of yesterday’s dinner with Schlein at a long, narrow table who saw the ‘rush’ to approach the secretary to have a chat. “She talked to everyone.” But not of assets. A hint to inform you that you will see the parliamentarians on Monday. Nothing on the secretariat but among the MEPs a role for Pina Picierno is taken for granted, if the unitary management is successful. In the EU delegation there are also bets on a role for Camilla Laureti, the only supporter of Schlein from the beginning in the European group.

dem majority stops on Boccia-Braga indication, it’s wall against wall

Therefore, the group leaders node remains on the table, which is also linked to the composition of the secretariat. The proposal of the Pd majority is for Francesco Boccia in the Senate and Chiara Braga, former exponent of Dario Franceschini’s Areadem, in the Chamber. Two personalities close to Schlein. A scheme on which, however, there is still no agreement. There is concern, says a parliamentarian close to Bonaccini, because unshared hypotheses remain in the field and the agreement, at the moment, seems far away.

In the composite area that supported the president Pd, however, the degree of ‘dissatisfaction’ is different, between those who are pushing for an agreement and those who are ready to go to the count on Tuesday when the separate group assemblies should take place to vote for the presidents. On Monday at 17 there will be the joint meeting of the Chamber and the Senate with the secretary who, since her election, has not yet met the Pd parliamentarians. “A right choice. Monday will be an opportunity to make a political point, on the agenda and the battles to be fought in Parliament. It is right to distinguish it from the moment of the vote on the group leaders”, explains a member of parliament close to Schlein.

The issue is whether an agreement will have been found between now and the convening of the groups. The dem majority is firm on the indications of Boccia and Braga. And in recent days in the Transatlantic a certain work has not escaped to guarantee the numbers to the parent company in pectore in Montecitorio. A deputy close to Schlein, in the front row to clear the ground, points out: Braga’s profile “is the least divisive. Chiara is appreciated, she has gained parliamentary experience to lead the group”. But the tensions, at the moment, remain and the opposition of the minority to the scheme proposed by Schlein remains.