Pd, Schlein at Festa dell’Unità: “Ready to take to the streets for a great mobilization”

There were many themes touched on by the secretary of the Democrats in the final speech of the Ravenna event. “The commitment is to convince everyone, not only to stay in this community but also to join. I carry out my task with humility but I ask you to avoid being a party that, in order to talk about everything to everyone, risks speaking little by little. We also love each other more”, she declared after the recent controversies and the departure of part of the Ligurian ruling class

Rights, the European Union, but also a mobilization in the autumn and the reference to the plural Democratic Party. It’s an all-round Elly Schlein that you spoke in Ravenna, where the Festa dell’Unità ended. In front of around 2 thousand people, the secretary of the Democratic Party first thanked the governor of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccini, “for what he is doing for the territory, while the government so far has not released a single euro in compensation”, and then he reiterated: “After the militant summer we will not rest, an autumn of commitments and participation awaits us, the Democratic Party is ready to take to the streets for a great national mobilization, it is our time, let’s take back our future”.

The future of the party

An inevitable reference to what happened in recent days within the party, with the departure of an important piece of the democratic ruling class in Liguria. “The ambition of the Democratic Party is not only to unite different histories and cultures, but also to imagine a new project, a party structured more like a network than a pyramid, with the clubs being antennas. A party that throws open its windows and doors, where there is no place to establish relationships of power. All together we are the strength of the Democratic Party, without exception. Everyone will feel an attack on the Democratic Party as an attack on each of us, just as every victory will be felt as a victory for everyone, not for someone. We must be plural, broad, open, generous, together.” There is also a heartfelt appeal to those within the party. “The commitment is to convince everyone and everyone not only to stay in this community but also to join. I carry out my task with humility but I ask you to avoid being a party that, in order to talk about everything to everyone, risks speaking little by little. Let’s love each other more, let’s listen to each other more, let’s respect each other more”, declared Schlein. The issues to discuss, both inside and outside the party, are known, starting with the minimum wage: “We have built agreements that are not on the drawing board, a method that we hope can also be followed on other issues, to work with the other oppositions. We are interested in joining forces to be more effective on some issues, we will work to increase opportunities for collaboration”, underlined the secretary of the Democratic Party. For those who think they are alternatives to the Meloni government without including the Democratic Party, Schlein has clear words: “Without this party it is not possible to build an alternative to the right-wing parties that are governing the country. The Democratic Party is not interested in wasting a day in useless controversies with the other forces, we need to rebuild a project for Italy”, he said. underlined, then reiterating what is an accusation common to many. “Every now and then they accuse us of having moved the party to the left, I don’t know if I am guilty of this and I don’t know if it is a fault. If you really want to give me a responsibility, give me that of place the party lower every day, among those who no longer believe in politics, among those who struggle every day. Only in this way will we win again”, declared Schlein.

The confrontation with the government

However, the secretary of the Democratic Party does not completely close the door to a possible collaboration with the Meloni government on some issues, such as violence against women. “At least on this aspect I think we can work together: we need prevention on education about differences starting from schools”. On everything else, Schlein promises a close comparison: “They can dress up as much as they want but they are still the same. We know them, we will not accept attempts to rewrite history, the right does not deal with its past, when it hears the call of the wild it defends and protects extremists, we will always be on the other side”. And on another issue, the secretary of the Democratic Party promises battle, that of rights: “We will continue to fight for truth and justice for Giulio Regeni, reasons of state never come before respect for human rights”.


Schlein also touched on many foreign issues in his speech, starting with Ukraine. “The Democratic Party convincingly supports the Ukrainian people in their right to self-defense, we cannot accept Putin’s criminal invasion. At the same time we continue to ask the EU for a diplomatic and political effort for a just peace. We welcomed with great hope the attempt of Pope Francis and Cardinal Zuppi”, declared the Pd secretary. Another thorny current issue is the discussion of the new Stability Pact in Brussels, with the Northern hawks already pushing for more stringent criteria. “We need to continue to have the financial margin to invest, we don’t go back to the mistake of austerity which has done so much harm to Italy and Europe, the government takes up this battle in Brussels, we will be there”, he underlined Schlein, who then defended the Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. “All our gratitude goes to him for the service he is carrying out: those of the government are disordered attacks, which come from those who are risking making us lose our resources”.