Pd, Schlein: “I don’t risk a split if I win, you need consistency to be credible”

The exponent of the dem: “Excellent relationship with Bonaccini, I wish him good luck”. And announces the “willingness to share a path for the primaries”

I don’t think there is a risk of a split if I winis a wrong message. If we are in the field we will remain there whatever the outcome of the Congress. We need consistency to be credible with people”. Thus Elly Schlein (PD), guest of Lilli Gruber at Otto e mezzo on La7, revealing that “Sunday we will announce a collective path, a vision that we want to build together. I will give my willingness to go forward in the Democratic Party Congress”.

“Those who support me within the Party will know if I run as a candidate – added the dem exponent – I have seen these things circulate a lot in the newspapers but my appeal is addressed to the base and to the disappointed voters. I have managed to survive so far by avoiding these logics of co-optation, I have no intention of repeating them”.

“We have an excellent relationship with Bonaccini, of mutual esteem and we have worked well together. Our distances will emerge from this beautiful congressional path but I wish him good luck”. According to Schlein “first we have to rebuild the party’s political identity and then we’ll talk about alliances. I have always worked to build alliances in the area and obviously when we talk about work there will be many points of contact with the 5 Star Movement”.

“I consider myself on the left, an ecologist, a feminist and I will be careful to create a team. Because we also need to change the leadership model, that of a man alone in command has not worked, nor would a woman alone in command work but a team is needed. We need a management team that can make a generational and gender change. Meloni is a model that does not want to propose plurality, and not all female leaders are feminists”. “Meloni and I are poles apart. The government never talks about inequality or precariousness. The slogan God, father and family is a nationalist slogan that should be abandoned because it is doing great damage in Europe,” she explained.

“This maneuver is against the poor. I am a pro-European but I think the stability pact needs to be changed. The Next generation EU is going in the right direction. I want to see if this government will support the change of the stability pact”. “There are three major holes in Meloni’s speech in the Chamber and in the action of this government, but they are precisely the ones that serve the country: the reduction of social inequalities – such as the wrong proposal of differentiated autonomy – gender inequalities and the climate , which are all linked to each other. Those who pay the price of energy today are always the poorest”.