Pd, social storm over Giarrusso entrance: “This is self-destruction”

The announcement of the MEP at the Bonaccini convention. On the web rain of criticism and irony: “Schlein must have sent him …”

“Ex Iena and ex m5s, but it also has flaws,” writes Ciro. “But ‘no thanks’ couldn’t be said, right?” Marco adds and Mauro Tomassetti tweeted: “I hope no one takes him seriously, there are already enough buffoons. What would be the added value he brings, besides to his one vote?”. Rain of negative comments and many ironies on social media at the news of Dino Giarrusso’s entry into the Democratic Party. The ex-M5S MEP announced it at the initiative in Milan, organized by Stefano Bonacini, that he will be a supporter at the congress. A ‘leap’ that has aroused perplexity

“How disgusting. Anyone who doesn’t have a political identity jumps from one party to another, just to stay glued to a seat”, writes Giusy. While Silvana Colombo invites the Pd to reconsider: “Pd, if a minimum of dignity and sense of identity remains, block it. Do not accept it. Do something. Otherwise it is really aspiring to self-destruction”. And again Lorecn78: “I hope it is a farce of this sleazy character and that you give him a kick when he shows up at the door”.

And then Carlo: “If this is the new Democratic Party, the old one is better…”. Maddalena Francia: “Giarrusso’s entry will mark the end of the Democratic Party. How do you open the doors of a glorious party to an indifferent populist and miserable windbag like the 5stars”. Cathedral Wall addresses Bonaccini: “We come on, Bonaccini”. And Massimiliano Parenti turns it ironic and tweets: “Schlein must have sent it…”.