Pd, Spin Factor/Adnkronos: sentiment more for candidates than for competition

Bonaccini first on social sentiment

The Overall sentiment on the Democratic Party primaries is much lower than the candidates: the positive figure stops at 21.52% and is evidently affected both by the results of the Lazio and Lombardy regional elections, which have largely rewarded the centre-right, and by the controversies that are affecting the party in this phase for the choice of the new secretary. This is what emerges from the research carried out by Spin Factor, a leading national company in strategic political and institutional consultancy, through Human, its web and social listening platform developed with an Italian semantic-based algorithm, exclusively for Adnkronos. The research was conducted taking into consideration the social conversations that took place in the week from 10 to 16 February.

Stefano Bonaccini leads the ranking of social sentiment among candidates for the Pd primaries, with 32.21%. Followed by Elly Schlein with 27.05%, Gianni Cuperlo with 24.28% and Paola De Micheli with 22.81%.

A strong polarization has not yet emerged involving the social audience of those interested in the primaries of the Democratic Party and the candidates for the secretariat, given that there is a significant figure of neutral sentiment (comments that are neither positive nor negative), between a minimum of 50.67% of Stefano Bonaccini and a maximum of 59.35% of Gianni Cuperlo, a sign that there is still the possibility of filling this space with strong and clear identities and proposals.