Pd, the New York Times on Schlein. “The woman who rocked Italian politics”

In the US newspaper a portrait of the new dem secretary. “It’s hard to embody her change in Italy more than her. She has catapulted Italy, which had long seemed like a country for old men, into starkly different territory.”

“It is difficult to embody change in Italy more than Elly Schlein”. Thus the New York Times in a portrait dedicated to the new Pd secretary. The US newspaper ‘presents’ Schlein thus: “The woman who shakes up Italian politics (no, not the new prime minister). Daughter of Italian and Jewish-American parents, Elly Schlein wants to relaunch the centre-left opposition to Giorgia Meloni, if only his party will be able to survive”.

“Ms Schlein, 37, made her way into the center of the debate over the future of the European left last weekend when she stunned the liberal establishment and rocked the Italian political landscape by winning the primary election to become the first woman to lead the party. A center-left Democrat, he vows, he said at his new headquarters Wednesday, to ‘profoundly change’ a party in the midst of an identity crisis,” writes the New York Times.

“With her election, Ms. Schlein has catapulted Italy, which for a long time seemed like a country for old men, into markedly different territory. A female leader of the opposition now finds herself pitting against the first female prime minister, the nationalist right Giorgia Meloni “. A passage is also dedicated to the rapprochement with Giuseppe Conte and to the position on Ukraine: “On the position of the 5 Stars, Schlein said ‘I don’t agree'”. She described her party as an outright supporter of Ukraine against Russia’s ‘criminal invasion’ and noted that she had voted to send arms over the next year because ‘it is necessary’ “.