Pd, tomorrow Direction. Bonaccini for congress in a short time

It promises to be a ‘vent’ between non-re-elected and critics. Dem women will ask for gender equality in appointments at the beginning of the legislature. Bersani proposes to overcome primary, contrary reactions

Go on with the setting of the congress. Without slowdowns in time. This is the indication, from various sources, on the eve of tomorrow’s Pd Management. “It must not be and will not be a flop, a postponement and a rebound”, assures Enrico Borghi, a member of Enrico Letta’s secretariat. So, let’s go. After all, the start of the congress process, together with the analysis of the vote, are points put on the agenda of the meeting. Read in recent days has already outlined a proposal for him. He will take her to the Management and, as underlined by the Nazarene, it will be an “open proposal, not a take or leave”.

To have his say, there will be the candidate secretary in pectore, Stefano Bonaccini. “He will be in Rome and will certainly intervene”, say about him at Adnkronos. With a precise indication of the march: rapid congress times, no dissolution or name change, regeneration of the party’s identity and renewal of the ruling classes with more space for territories.

Base Riformista, which looks to the candidacy of the president of Emilia Romagna, is in line with the governor in spite of those in the Democratic Party who would like to hinder his candidacy. “Our congress is long in its steps. The important thing is not to go beyond those established”, that is March 2023 by the Statute. It is not taken for granted that tomorrow the date of the national assembly will be set, which will officially kick off the congress process. In this case, the president Valentina Cuppi will give the date, as per regulation. But beyond the times and the technicalities, different thrusts cross the dem. Including that of those who would like to extend Letta’s mandate and postpone the congress until after the regional spring.

Bersani proposes to review primary, flurry of adverse reactions

Today, on the eve of the management, the big names of the past took to the field. Each to say a different thing. And to some extent, the words of the ‘old’ leaders intercept positions on the pitch. The first secretary, Walter Veltroni, defends the Democratic Party and relaunches it: “In 14 years the Democratic Party has lost about seven million votes: the first thing to do is not to ally with Conte or Calenda, but to re-open with those seven million voters “, says Veltroni, receiving numerous ‘likes’ on social media. Especially from the parts of the Reformist Base.

The interview with Massimo D’Alema, which seems to suggest a split when he argues: “The center-left would be much stronger if it had had a socialist party and another of the Catholic left” is quite different. And therefore it indicates the way of embracing with Giuseppe Conte. Today the Democratic Party “needs Conte, because he no longer intercepts the popular vote”. And this too is a position that finds consensus among the dems. And then there are Pier Luigi Bersani and Peppe Provenzano, photographed in recent days together by Giolitti, who launch the proposal to review the primary system. A barrage of reactions via social media. Tweet Filippo Sensi: “Primaries are a tool. Perhaps insufficient, like all tools. But they are our tool. Speaking of identity.”

Tomorrow’s meeting will be all open, all in streaming and fire interventions are already announced. Unreelected gods. See Alessia Morani and Monica Cirinnà. And they won’t be the only ones. “There will certainly be a vent”, the forecast of a dem executive.

dem women will propose gender equality in appointments starting legislature

And then there is the theme of women. The president of the women dem, Cecilia D’Elia, will take stock, summarizing yesterday’s meeting of the executive of the Conference of Democrats. Proposals on gender equality. Starting from the next mandates for the start of the legislature. “In the next few days we will participate in decisive institutional steps for defining the profile of the opposition – reads the Fb page of the Pd women – the election of the presidencies of the groups and of the Chamber and Senate. Let’s say right now that we will not support proposals that are not equal “.

In the background there is the group leader node and that of institutional appointments. Andrea Orlando today denied an article in which he was described as ‘interested’ in the vice presidency of the Chamber. The names of Dario Franceschini group leader in the Senate and Nicola Zingaretti in the Chamber circulate. But the hypothesis of continuing until the congress with Simona Malpezzi and Debora Serracchiani still stands.

On the congress candidacy front, Paola De Micheli confirms that she is in the running. “The female point of view can be an added value for the Democratic Party”. While the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano, given among the possible competitors (together with Andrea Orlando for the left Pd area), marched off. “Worse than the defeat is the reaction to the defeat, a jumble of names and self-nominations. I am not applying. One less name. A modest contribution, before the real discussion that we will start tomorrow in the Management”. Still silent another possible candidate, the vice president of Emilia Romagna, Elly Schlein.