Pd, Veltroni da Fiorello quotes Wojtyla: “Do not be afraid”

The former party leader, a guest of ‘Viva Rai2’, was invited by Fiorello to offer advice “in three words”.

Do not be afraid!Walter Veltronihost of Fiorello at ‘Viva Rai2‘, quotes Pope Wojtyla to give advice to the Pd.

Called to “raise the pitch of the broadcast” from Fiorello, who jokingly complained of having been called by Rai’s top management to raise the cultural level of ‘Viva Rai2’, Walter Veltroni intervened in the last episode of the program before the Christmas break (the show will resume on 16 January), first the story of the Rai headquarters in Via Asiago and then at the end of the broadcast reaching the showman in the ‘Glass’ studio: “Allow me to thank Veltroni who he hadn’t woken up at 6 since he was mayor of Rome. Were there already wild boars at the time?”, Fiorello asked laughing. “There were mayors too“, joked Veltroni. “I have one question for you: the Democratic Party,” Fiorello pressed him. “He is a democratic party, let’s hope a democratic one arrives too“, was Veltroni’s reply. Then Fiorello asked for advice in “three words” for the Democratic Party, from a person who saw it being born. “As John Paul II said, ‘do not be afraid‘” Veltroni said. “Above all, don’t always talk about the competition,” added Fiorello. “And also bad for yourself“, commented Veltroni.