Pd, Zanda: “I resigned from the committee”

“I didn’t share the method in a radical way”

After the writer Maurizio De Giovanni, Luigi Zanda also leaves the constituent committee of the new Democratic Party. “I didn’t agree with the decision to call the work commission in which I was placed without being consulted a ‘constituent’. I attended the first meetings and then I had to resign”, said Zanda at the conference ‘Catholic Democrats in the today’s politics: still useful to Italy?’, organized by Pierluigi Castagnetti.

“I didn’t share, beyond the contents, I didn’t share the method in a radical way. Emanuele Macaluso was right when he said that the Democratic Party was made quickly. It was born without an analysis for which the two founding parties were in crisis of consensus and that crisis was perhaps the greatest push to find unity. There was a lack of in-depth analysis and perhaps this is at the basis of a crisis that we have always postponed over time. It would have been better to hold a national conference, a long one even a year, and that the party could have a transition phase in which the reasons for our crisis are analysed”.