Peace demonstration Rome, the ‘Europe for Peace’ procession kicks off

The march organized by trade unions and associations to call for an end to the war in Ukraine from Republic Square will reach St. John’s Square

The peace procession in which trade unions take part, over 500 associations and organizations, presidents of regions and provinces and a lot of civil society started from Piazza della Repubblica in Rome. At the head the Europe for Peace banner carried by scouts and the community of Sant’Egidio. The procession will wind through via Terme di Diocleziano, via Cavour, piazza Esquilino, via Merulana and then arrive, after crossing via Manzoni, in piazza di Porta di San Giovanni.

“From Tor Bella we sell peace”, reads one of the many banners of the procession. “Only peace” written on the rainbow flag is the banner of the CGIL while the slogan of the ACLI is “Stop the weapons, free the peoples, long live peace”. Many flags of the Anpi.

“Count, Count, Count”. The leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte arrives in Piazza Esedra with the embrace of the crowd, at the head of the banner created by the Movement for the occasion. He is full of selfies and greetings from people, asking for photos and autographs. A girl of about 25 makes her way through the crowd and approaches him: “President, intransigent! The young people are with you ”. For her, a pat on the cheek of the former prime minister is a reassurance: “I will not disappoint you”.

The PD ‘patrol’ is also in the square in Rome for the demonstration for peace, squeezed between the ranks of the Acli and those of the Community of Sant’Egidio, in a somewhat secluded position. Many big demos, from Matteo Orfini to Stefano Bonaccini, passing through Laura Boldrini, Piero Fassino, Francesco Boccia and Debora Serracchiani. Expected the arrival of the secretary dem Enrico Letta.

WITH YOU – “I heard Minister Crosetto say that the government is preparing to make the sixth shipment of arms to Ukraine. The government does not dare to proceed without having consulted Parliament, especially since it is a government that is no longer one of national unity “, says the 5 Star leader arriving at the demonstration for peace. Kiev “is fully armed”, adds the former prime minister, not hiding the opposition of the M5S to a further dispatch of weapons, “the citizens arrived today in the streets to make their voices heard, tired of a strategy that is leading to a military escalation “, while the time has come” to promote a peace negotiation “, in the name of a” turning point of the EU “and which sees” the warring countries as protagonists but in an international framework “.

ZINGARETTI – “The one present today is a beautiful people. Ukraine is resisting also thanks to the weapons sent, but now, having clear who is the attacked country, we must begin a path with other instruments to achieve peace. Even through diplomacy”, said the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti at the march for peace in Rome.

DE MAGISTRIS – “In Rome, for Peace, with the consistency of all time, against any war, against the sending of weapons and the increase in military spending. Only the peoples can stop the warlike fury of the war governments. No to unacceptable war. Putin, no to the wars of NATO and the USA. Solidarity with the peoples who are victims of wars. We want the Europe of the peoples “, said Luigi de Magistris spokesman for the People’s Union.