Peak of heat in the first weekend of June, then everything changes: the forecast

The African anticyclone Scipio at maximum power until Sunday 5 June, then storms and hailstorms are coming

The African anticyclone Scipio at maximum power in the first weekend of June, with exceptional temperatures for the period and a record in many cities. But if in the Center-South this atmospheric monster dominates undisturbed, in the North it will slowly begin to weaken under the pressure of fresh Atlantic currents.

The hottest day will be Sunday 5th June. Suffice it to say that in the South the maximum thermal values ​​will reach the considerable altitude of 39/40 ° C in Syracuse, Catania, Agrigento, up to 42 ° C in the interior Sicilian areas (such as in Catenanuova), 38 ° C also in Puglia and Sardinia, up to 35/36 ° C in Calabria, Campania (here on Caserta) between 33 and 35 ° C on the rest of the regions, even in the North, such as in Bologna, Padua, Pavia, Milan. In addition to the heat, and in the North, the heat must also be taken into account, which will also make the air unbreathable.

The anticyclone will begin to falter on Sunday. Antonio Sano ‘, director and founder of the site confirms that after a mostly sunny Saturday with partly cloudy skies practically all over the country, From Sunday, the first signs of the subsidence of pressure will be observed in the North. The intrusion of cooler air at high altitudes will favor the formation of strong thunderstorms that will carry from the western Alps towards those of the Triveneto and that may also cross over the flat areas of Lombardy (such as in Milan for example) and the upper Veneto. The clash between the pre-existing intense heat and the fresh air at high altitude will be a deadly mix for the formation of large storm cells that can be easily accompanied by intense hailstorms. Therefore, pay attention to all the alpine and pre-alpine sectors, but as mentioned also to the flat areas.

In the rest of Italy, the weather will be drier, although cloud cover will tend to increase in Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Marche. This weakening of the anticyclone will be a wake-up call: in fact, next week Italy will be crossed by a cold drop that will give rise to a strongly stormy phase starting from the North, and then extending to the Center-South as well.


Friday 3. In the north: many clouds and scattered precipitations, locally thunderstorms. In the center: irregular clouds, but in a sunny and warm context. In the south: sun and heat prevailing.

Saturday 4. In the north: sun and heat. In the center: ample sunshine and very hot climate. In the south: sun and intense heat.

Sunday 5. In the north: worsens from the afternoon on the Alps, Prealps and locally in the plains with severe thunderstorms. Middle: irregular clouds, but very hot. In the south: sun and intense heat.

Trend. from Tuesday 7 strong thunderstorms throughout Italy.